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Virgin Media broadband buying guide

Virgin Media is the UK's superfast cable broadband operator, with speeds starting at 50Mb and rising to 152Mb with premium packages. If you're in a Virgin Media broadband area and you need fast, reliable broadband for multitasking, this could be the ideal solution.

By on June 04, 2014 at 16:00 PM
Virgin Media broadband buying guide

What is Virgin Media broadband?

Virgin Media provides fibre optic broadband via its cable network. Because it doesn't rely on copper telephone wiring to work, it's faster than standard ADSL broadband, and doesn't require a landline.

How do I get Virgin Media broadband?

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Benefits of Virgin Media broadband:

  • You get fibre optic speeds starting at up to 50Mbps, much faster than standard ADSL broadband which often maxes out at 16Mbps.
  • You don't need a landline to use Virgin Media cable broadband, although you can add their home phone service if you like.
  • You can save hundreds on your bills by combining all your digital services with one of the networks Big Bundles

How do I choose a Virgin Media broadband package?

Virgin Media offers three different broadband speeds: Up to 50Mbps, up to 100Mbps or up to 152Mbps. Each one is available either as a standalone service, with no need to pay line rental, or as part of one of the new Big Bundles, which can include a TiVo digital TV service, home phone service and even a SIM only mobile phone plan.

For more help on deciding which speed would be the best fit for your household, why not call our free Switching Service on 0845 454 111? Our experts will go through all of your options and guide you through the entire switching process.

I'm ready to switch to Virgin Media broadband, now what?

  • Agree on your package with your new provider, and get an installation date from Virgin Media
  • Let your current supplier know that you are leaving and ask them to supply you with your MAC code
  • Make sure to tell your current supplier the exact installation date for your new service, so that they don't cancel your existing service before your new broadband kicks in, otherwise you might end up with a few days in between connections

If you have any questions about the process of switching to Virgin Media, Simplifydigital's friendly Switching Service can help.

How do I set up my new Virgin Media broadband service?

Virgin Media broadband works through special fibre optic cables that run directly to your house via your router, or TiVo set top box if you are also taking a digital TV package.

An engineer will need to come and install the cables for you if Virgin Media has never been installed at your property before. Once the cables are installed, your new Virgin Media Super Hub will be connected to the cables by your engineer, and tested to make sure that it is working.

How can I make my Virgin Media broadband faster?

First, check whether there any current service issues that could be stopping your broadband connection from performing its best, using the Virgin Media Service Status tool. Lots of things can impact on network performance, from bad weather to scheduled maintenance.

Virgin Media have a very handy guide to ensuring your equipment is set up properly and working fine, you can find it on their website.

A few quick tips on improving your Virgin Media broadband speeds...

  • Turn it off and on again. Reset your Super Hub, wait for 30 seconds, then reset your device's Wi-Fi connection
  • Ensure your Super Hub is in a good place - free from tangled cables, not too close to other devices emitting wireless signals and not too close to your TV. If you can put it in the same room as your primary internet device, or move to that room when using the Wi-Fi, you'll get a better performance.
  • If you are seeing persistent speed dips at regular intervals, your neighbour, or housemate, may be using a device on the same wireless channel. You can change the channel on your Super Hub by following Virgin Media's free, easy channel switching guide
  • If your Super Hub is in a different room, you might need to boost its signal using a Powerline adaptor, which plugs into the back of your Virgin Media Super Hub and allows you to extend its signal. There are several varieties available, including wireless and Ethernet-based solutions - have a look online and you should be able to get a suitable Powerline adaptor for around £30.

If you have any further questions about Virgin Media broadband, contact the ISP for more information. You can find Virgin Media's contact information on our ISP contact numbers page.

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