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TalkTalk provider guide

TalkTalk is one of the UK's leading broadband, digital TV and home phone providers. With an award-winning broadband service that includes free, network level Homesafe security, cheap triple play bundles and the TalkTalk TV service, this ISP has a lot to offer. Not sure if TalkTalk is right for you, or have a question about this ISP? Read our handy guide.

By on May 09, 2014 at 15:00 PM
TalkTalk provider guide

TalkTalk is an award-winning broadband, home phone and digital TV provider with some of the UK's most popular deals. Known as the expert in cheap broadband, TV and home phone, TalkTalk now also offers superfast fibre broadband with average speeds of 63 Mbps.

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About TalkTalk

An expert in cheap broadband, digital TV and home phone services, TalkTalk has quickly become the third largest broadband provider in the UK. It is famous for its value calling plans and low-cost internet bundles and has fast become a favourite among budget-savvy UK households.

A brief history of TalkTalk
  • 2003 TalkTalk launched after The Carphone Warehouse acquired Opal Telecom and started providing cheap home phone services
  • 2004 TalkTalk broadband launched
  • 2006 TalkTalk became the first ISP to offer free broadband when bundled with home phone services
  • 2009 Carphone Warehouse merged Tiscali, AOL Broadband and TalkTalk to create a single, leading broadband and home phone provider
  • 2010 TalkTalk demerged from Carphone Warehouse and became a separate company
  • 2011 TalkTalk launched Homesafe, a completely free, network-level home security suite for its broadband customers
  • 2012 TalkTalk launched Youview-based TalkTalk TV service and began selling triple play broadband, digital TV and home phone bundles

TalkTalk services

TalkTalk provides home phone, landline, broadband and digital TV deals. TalkTalk's landline and home phone service is currently the most popular alternative to BT.

TalkTalk broadband

TalkTalk Fast Broadband

TalkTalk's totally unlimited broadband offers download speeds of an average of 11 Mbps. You'll also have access to TalkTalk's complete security solution SuperSafe, built directly into the network itself.

TalkTalk Fibre broadband

TalkTalk Fibre broadband comes in two flavours; Medium (average speeds of 35 Mbps) and Large (average speeds of 63 Mbps). TalkTalk Fibre broadband bundles are some of the UK's cheapest superfast broadband packages, and give you access to the speeds you need to enjoy streaming movies or playing online games, without a hefty price tag.

I am an existing TalkTalk Essentials customer, can I upgrade to TalkTalk Fibre broadband?

Existing TalkTalk customers can upgrade to fibre broadband deal at any time, provided they live in a fibre-connected area. Just call TalkTalk and ask to upgrade your broadband service to superfast speeds.

Does TalkTalk provide network security?

Yes, TalkTalk provides free, award-winning broadband security called Homesafe. If you're worried about viruses and Trojans, TalkTalk's HomeSafe gives you state-of-the-art network level protection. The software comes with parental controls, which are essential if you have small children using the family's computer. All of TalkTalk's broadband packages come with HomeSafe as an opt-in, so you don't have to worry about any additional charges for anti-virus programmes ever again.

TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk TV is available through a free YouView box, supplied to all PlusTV and Essentials TV customers. Not only will you be given access to a huge range of freeview channels to watch, pause and record, but Plus TV customers can also stream a number of live Sky channels directly to their TV.

What channels and services do I get on TalkTalk TV?

You can view all of the channels you'd normally be able to access via Freeview, enjoy web content via BBC iPlayer and subscribe to premium content like Sky Sports or Movies, plus you'll enjoy exclusive content via TalkTalk Player.

Can I watch HD shows and movies on TalkTalk TV?

Yes, there is a large library of HD (High Definition) content to watch and record.

TalkTalk home phone

When TalkTalk first launched its home phone service back in 2003, it aimed to always be cheaper than rival BT. 10 years on and TalkTalk offers a variety of cheap home phone and broadband bundles with a variety of call boosts available. Whether you need daytime calls, anytime calls or you're happy to save a few pennies with evening and weekend only calls, there's a TalkTalk home phone service to suit you. Extra home phone services are available, including international calls.

TalkTalk boosts
  • TalkTalk Home Phone Boosts If you make a lot of daytime calls, the Anytime UK Calls Boost will come in handy. You can call any UK landline number free of charge day or night. Or if you mostly call mobiles, the Half Price Calls to Mobiles Boost gives you exactly that - half price calls to UK mobiles. The Calling Features Boost comes with call waiting, ringback, call diversion, event reminders and three-way calling
  • TalkTalk TV Boosts allow you to add a huge range of additional channels to stream directly to your YouView box. Whether you are looking for Cartoon Network for the kids or Comedy Central for yourself, your bound to find a channel package you will enjoy. 

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Why buy TalkTalk broadband, phone and TV?

TalkTalk offers several of the UK's best value broadband bundles, and with TalkTalk TV and fibre broadband now available, there's no need to compromise on TV channels and broadband speeds in order to get a great value deal. TalkTalk still retains its competitive pricing and incredible special offers, despite growing to be he UK's third largest broadband provider.

Because of the wide availability of TalkTalk broadband, the flexibility of TalkTalk TV bolt ons and the option to upgrade to Fibre at any time, we recommend TalkTalk as a good option for those who want premium services without a high price tag.

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