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How to set up your TalkTalk TV and broadband service

Ordered a new broadband and TV bundle from TalkTalk? The service is very easy to set up at home. We explain everything you need to do to get started with your TalkTalk Plus TV bundle.

By on May 19, 2014 at 16:26 PM
How to set up your TalkTalk TV and broadband service

Setting up your TalkTalk wireless router

When you receive a package from TalkTalk in the post, here's what you are going to find inside:

  • A wireless router
  • An Ethernet cable
  • A broadband cable
  • A Microfilter
  • A power adapter

You don't need anything else to get the service up and running.

Getting your new broadband and TV package up and running

Follow these quick and easy instructions and you will start browsing the web in no time:

  • Look at your master socket. That's the one which usually provides the home phone line to your household. Is there anything plugged in currently? If so, unplug it and plug in the microfilter instead. The microfilter helps to seperate home phone signals from broadband signals so that that two services can work simultaneously without interfering with each other.
  • You will find that the microfilter has two ports: one is a regular home phone line whereas the other is for the new broadband cable supplied in the box.
  • Time to connect your devices. Connect one end of the broadband cable (it's the grey one) into the microfilter and the other into your wireless router.
  • Plug your power adaptor into the router and turn it on at the wall.
  • Make sure you switch on the power for the wireless router, you'll find the small switch at the back.
  • If you want a wired connection rather than wireless, simply take the yellow cable and connect it to the wireless router and your device for example a laptop or desktop computer.

That's all there is to it - you are now ready to browse away and enjoy your broadband service from TalkTalk.

How do i set up my TalkTalk TV service?

Setting up your TalkTalk TV service should take no more than ten mintues. If you have any doubts, you can call TalkTalk's support line on 0870 444 1820 at any point. To get started, just follow these steps:

  • Get your router ready for the TV service by making sure that the broadband service is up and running. Go to to update your router and get it TV-ready. This will require a quick software download which will work perfectly on desktop computers or laptops but not on tablets.
  • You are now ready to start connecting the cables. Connect your router to the YouView set top box using the provided Ethernet cable.
  • Next, connect the set top box to your TV using the HDMI cable. Don't worry, you'll see the HDMI sign written on the devices so you'll know where to plug it in. While TalkTalk recommends using the HDMI cable, you can still use the the SCART cable as an alternative. 
  • You can now start connecting the new service to your aerial. Unplug the existing aerial cable from the back of your TV and plug it into the "Antenna In" port on the back of you YouView box. Alternatively, you can plug in your new aerial cable that came with the YouView box in the post.
  • Now connect up the power cable and switch on the service. Make sure the main power button is press in at the back of the YouView box.
  • Switch on your YouView box and your telly. You will be required to apply some settings such as a password as well as some security questions, just use your remote to easily navigate between the menus.

How do I access TalkTalk Player?

TalkTalk Player is available exclusively to TalkTalk Customers. To set it up, click on the TalkTalk button on your remote and go to TalkTalk Player. You will then be required to enter a TalkTalk Player pin which you can find when you go to As soon as you have your pin you will be able to stream the latest movies and TV shows directly to your YouView box. 

How can I make my TalkTalk broadband faster?

First, check the current speed of your connection using the free TalkTalk speed checker tool. You have to do this from home, when connected to your TalkTalk service. If the speeds you're receiving are consistently a lot lower than the 'up to' speeds quoted for your chosen TalkTalk package, there may be a technical problem or a few simple settings that need tweaking. You can check to see if there are any current reported issues with the TalkTalk broadband service.

TalkTalk has a handy broadband troubleshooter tool that may help you fix any intermittent issues with your internet connection. Here are our top tips for making your broadband faster:

  • Make sure your wireless router is in a good position, away from your TV, any concrete walls, floors and not tangled up in wires
  • Turn it off and on again. It might sound simple but a quick reset will often solve technical issues.
  • If you experience Wi-Fi issues, try connecting an ethernet cable to see if it's an internet service problem or a Wi-Fi signal issue
  • Try changing the channel on your TalkTalk router to avoid wireless congestion

For more help and advice managing your TalkTalk broadband service, please contact the ISP directly. You can find TalkTalk's contact details on our Provider contact numbers page.

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