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Great Call features available from SSE

SSE phone customers can customise their service with a number of great features to help you manage calls the way you want to. Grab any one of these features at just £3.25/month or four features for £6.75/month.

By on March 19, 2015 at 10:00 AM
Home phone
Great Call features available from SSE

Call barring

If there are any numbers you'd prefer not to be called from your home (e.g. premium rate numbers and mobiles), you can bar as many as you like with this feature.

Caller display

This feature displays the telephone number of the caller as soon as your phone starts to ring, so you know who's calling before you pick up.

Call diversion

Travel a lot? Or maybe just out and about? This feature diverts your calls to another number so you won't miss any calls when you're not at home.


Can't get through to someone because their line's engaged? This helpful feature will ring you back as soon as they've hung up, so you can put your feet up while you wait.

Call waiting

If you're already on the phone and someone tries to call you, you can put one friend on hold or end the call, so you can answer the other.

3-way calling

How sophisticated! This feature lets you speak to more than one person at the same time. Great for catching up properly!

Call sign

You can give the important people in your life their very own ring tone, so you'll know exactly who's calling by how the ring tone sounds.

Reminder call

Sometimes things get forgotten but this feature can double up as an alarm clock, or even prompt you to remember things like your dentist appointment.

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