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What is Sky Multiscreen?

Sky Multiscreen is the evolution of Sky Multiroom, allowing the whole family access to your TV package both in and out of your home. We let you know what’s changed and what’s new.

By on September 14, 2017 at 15:00 PM
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What is Sky Multiscreen?

What do I get with Sky Multiscreen?

With Sky Q Multiscreen,  Sky TV customers are able to watch all the channels included in their package in different rooms, or even outside of the house on their mobile devices, so there won't be any family arguments when your favourite shows start at the same time. 

What's the difference between Sky Multiroom and Multiscreen?

Not only can Sky Multiscreen customers watch different channels in different rooms, they can also download their favourite Sky TV shows to watch on the go with Sky Go Extra, included as part of the deal. Shows can be downloaded via Wi-Fi to up to 4 devices at a time, whether that's a tablet, smartphone or laptop, and then enjoyed later with no internet connection required.

What are Sky Q Mini boxes?

Access your main box in any room with Sky Q Mini boxes. Watch on two TVs at the same time with the 1TB box, or three TVs at the same time with the 2TB box.

You can connect up to four Sky Q Mini boxes, plus they're wireless, so no need to connect to your dish!

How much is Sky Multiscreen?

Sky Multiscreen is available for an extra £12/month on top of your current Sky TV package. This includes your Sky Go Extra subscription which would usually be an additional £5 each month. You will also receive a Sky Q Box with your Sky TV subscription. 

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*In accordance with their standard terms, your Sky TV package may rise by up to 10% in a minimum contract term.

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