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Free Sky WiFi: A guide to the Cloud

Sky now provides free unlimited Wi-Fi to its customers via the Cloud. You can access it in selected high street locations, shops and restaurants across the country. Even if you're not a Sky customer you can still access the cloud for up to 15 minutes at a time - here's how.

By on May 12, 2014 at 17:43 PM
Free Sky WiFi: A guide to the Cloud

Want to get free Sky Wi-Fi on the move? Sky broadband customers enjoy unlimited access to the Cloud, a network of free Wireless internet hotspots available across the country. If you're not a Sky customer you can still access the Cloud, but only for up to 15 minutes at a time.

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What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is a free wireless network operator which is owned by Sky. Its mission is to blanket the entire high street with wireless broadband.

If you use broadband on the go via your tablet, smartphone or laptop, you will find wireless broadband from the Cloud on the high street useful as you will be able to connect to a free Wi-Fi hotspot in a participating station, shop or restaurant.

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Which places already provide free Wi-Fi from the Cloud?

  • Caffè Nero
  • JD Wetherspoons
  • Phones 4U
  • PizzaExpress
  • Pret a Manger
  • wagamama
  • EAT
  • Silverstone
  • Network Rail
  • City of London
  • Giraffe

The Cloud is rolling out its services very quickly, so this list is going to constantly grow.

How to get unlimited access to the Cloud

Every Sky deal comes with unlimited access to the Cloud. Why not ask our friendly experts for advice when choosing a digital deal? They are available seven days a week on 0808 256 6606 and will help you compare, sign up to or switch to a package that's tailored to your needs.

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How do I connect to the Cloud?

First time: If you are going to access the web using a smartphone or tablet, tap on the Settings icon and go to Wireless Connections and connect to the Cloud. As soon as you are connected, fire up the browser and register yourself with the Cloud. You will simply need your email and a password. As soon as you do, you will be required to enter these details and you will then be connected to the wireless network.

Returning customer: You will have to repeat all the steps above without the need to register. You will just have to enter your email and password and you will be able to browse away.

Simplifydigital's top tip: It's a good idea to make your preferred wireless operator a "remembered" option. This way, your web-enabled device will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi hub.

Who has access to the Cloud?

Everyone who has a web-enabled device can access the Cloud. Some stations, including London Bridge, have Wi-Fi access with time limitations - only 15 minutes - for non-Sky customers. Sky customers, however have unlimited access to the Cloud at any location, at any given moment.

What are the alternatives to the Cloud?

  • O2 has covered an array of locations, including O'Neil's and McDonald's. The network is open to everyone
  • Virgin Media has rolled out Wi-Fi services throughout the London Underground. The network is available to Virgin Media, EE, Vodafone and O2 customers. Everyone else is expected to pay a premium
  • BT Openzone is also a popular option, having locations such as Starbucks under its belt. It is also open to the general public with time limitations, and BT customers have unlimited access.

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