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Comparing BT broadband deals

BT broadband is ideal for families that need fast, reliable internet access at home and free Wi-Fi access on the move. We talk you through the available options, including fibre optic BT Infinity broadband with unlimited usage and up to 16Mb broadband, to help you decide on the right package.

By on July 14, 2014 at 17:00 PM
Comparing BT broadband deals

BT broadband is the UK's most popular broadband service, with over 6.3 million homes enjoying BT's secure, reliable service and included extras, which range from free online security to inclusive online storage for all your files and family photos.

A range of packages are available, including fibre optic broadband with superfast speeds up to 76Mb, and regular broadband that's ideal for homes with fewer devices online at once and lighter internet usage.

Which BT broadband packages are available?

A range of packages are available to choose from, with different data allowances and speeds. The two main types of BT broadband packages to choose from are BT Infinity - a superfast broadband service with speeds up to 76Mb, and standard BT broadband, with speeds up to 17Mb.

BT Infinity

BT Infinity is BT's superfast fibre optic broadband service, with speeds up to 10x faster than the UK standard broadband average and outstanding reliability. You can opt for a BT Infinity package with unlimited usage and happily stream live TV, game online or download HD movies for your family to enjoy without ever having to worry about going over your allowance. BT Infinity is best suited for families who connect lots of devices to their home network at the same time and do lots of data-intensive things online.

BT Broadband

BT's regular broadband service gives you speeds up to 16Mb and a stable, reliable connection. You can also opt for unlimited usage and benefit from online security & storage as part of your package. Regular BT broadband is best suited to homes with lighter internet usage and less devices connected to the network at the same time.

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BT Broadband & TV bundles

Both BT broadband and BT Infinity can be bundled with the BT TV service, which gives you access to up to 70 Freeview channels, all three BT Sports channels and Catch Up TV services via a YouView+ box.

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What are the benefits of BT broadband?

BT Sport

As a BT broadband customer, you will get access to the BT Sport app and online player, which lets you enjoy live streaming of coverage on BT Sport1, BT Sport2 and ESPN. You can also catch up with matches later thanks to Video On Demand and watch the game for free on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. You can read more about BT Sport in our handy BT Sport buying guide.

BT Wi-Fi

BT broadband customers can use any of 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK and 7 million more around the world as part of their package. It's the world's largest Wi-Fi network, with unlimited use and an easy way to connect wirelessly just as you would at home. You can connect via your Wi-Fi enabled laptop, netbook, smartphone or tablet and you can connect automatically via an iOS or Android powered device whenever you're near a hotspot, without the need to enter a username or password.

BT Home Hub 5

The new BT  Home Hub 5 router gives you a reliable wireless connection with smart dual-band technology that reduces interference and drop out, for a better connection on all your devices. It's easy to set up in a few minutes and works on any device, so you can access your BT Cloud and BT Family Protection in a few clicks. The smart diagnostic tool will automatically check your Hub and alert you to any problems, so you can keep your connection running safely.

BT NetProtect Plus

BT's Online Security software, NetProtect Plus, is powered by McAfee. It's loaded with powerful tools to keep intruders off your computer and allow you the freedom to browse safely, on up to 7 PCs or MACs. It's included with Broadband Extra, Unlimited Broadband Extra, Infinity Extra and Unlimited BT Infinity packages, and available to add to other BT broadband packages for only £3.49/month, with the first month free.

BT provides Parental Controls that work on tablets, PCs and Macs, even when the device is connected to a BT Wi-Fi hotspot, with no software to download. In addition, BT Family Protection lets you choose the level of protection for each family member, on every computer in your home. Usage reports, safe searching and time limits are just a few of the ways this handy security suite will help you keep your family protected online.

BT Cloud online storage

BT Cloud is a free online storage facility for BT broadband customers that lets you back up, protect and share files and photos, eliminating the worry of losing precious content forever if it is accidentally deleted from your device. The safe, secure auto backup service will recall up to 5 previous verions of a file, allowing you to restore files if you make a mistake while editing. You can upload on the go using the BT Cloud app and an internet connection and stream content directly to a compatible mobile device, with up to 50 devices attached to a single BT Cloud account. The amount of storage you get is dependent on the BT Broadband package you choose, with 5GB being the standard allowance and 50GB of storage available to BT Unlimited Broadband extra and Unlimited BT Infinity 2 customers.


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