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0800 840 4949 reveals the best superfast broadband bundles as fibre popularity is on the rise

According to a recent study by Point Topic, an analyst firm, more than a half of households and businesses in the UK, or 60 per cent to be exact, will be using broadband speeds of 30Mbps by 2016, and the stakes will get higher by 2021 when all sights will be set on 100Mbps.

By on November 03, 2011 at 16:26 PM
Broadband reveals the best superfast broadband bundles as fibre popularity is on the rise
  • Study predicts a bright future for fibre optic broadband;
  • comments on the findings;
  • lists a few best selling fibre broadband bundles.


According to the analyst's calculator, by 2016 the UK will see 10.5m lines connected to superfast broadband.

However, Point Topic admitted there was still a high level of uncertainty regarding the findings as there were still discrepancies as to what technology would become the most popular.

While an array of European providers swore by fibre, other ISPs said it was not cost-effective enough for them to deploy and deliver the services.

However, Point Topic's graph shows that fibre is gaining momentum:

Point Topic

Geoff Slaughter, Products Expert at, commented:

"While Point Topic admitted that it is still too early to draw conclusions from the study, there is no doubt that the demand for more bandwidth and higher speeds is getting stronger by the day.

"Perhaps customers are not queuing up for superfast broadband in masses as yet, but there has been more interest in fibre optic broadband than analysts suggested earlier.

"This may be due to the rising number of broadband-enabled devices in households, for instance laptop computers, tablet devices, smartphones with IPTV quietly lurking in, though the latter is at a very early stage. The bottom line is that fibre is establishing a solid stance in the broadband market as I speak." lists top three fibre optic broadband bundles available online now:

Cheapest Fibre Optic Broadband
Provider Package Name Details Set-up Monthly Cost
Plusnet Value Fibre & Evening and Weekend Calls • Up to 40 Mb Speed • 40 GB download allowance • Free Evening and Weekend Calls to UK landlines Free £16.49 (plus £11.99 line rental)
BT More Broadband and Calls with superfast BT Infinity broadband • Up to 40 Mb Speed • 40 GB download allowance • Free Weekend Calls to UK landlines £25 £7.50 for 3 months, £18.00 thereafter (plus £13.90 line rental)
Virgin Media Broadband Size: XL & Phone Size: L • Up to 30 Mb Speed • Unlimited download allowance • Free Evening calls to UK landlines and UK Virgin Mobiles £49.95 £12.50 for 3 months, £22.50 (plus £13.90 line rental)

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