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0800 840 4949 releases annual survey highlighting the rises and falls in digital TV, broadband and home phone rates

As the UK's leading Ofcom accredited TV, broadband and home phone comparison service, has today published its comprehensive annual pricing survey.

By on January 23, 2012 at 17:44 PM
Providers releases annual survey highlighting the rises and falls in digital TV, broadband and home phone rates
  • Basic home phone call plans rising 51% and line rental increasing 11%
  • Super-fast broadband drops by 15%
  • Basic pay TV prices drop 1%


Chris Williams, Sales Director at comments:

"Line rental is the big hidden cost increase - it is needed in order to take almost all subscription TV, broadband and home phone packages and last year line rental costs increased by an average of 11% to £151 per year.

"So the overall picture looks like improving value in subscription TV and broadband pricing, offset by hefty home phone price increases."


Subscription TV costs explored

Chris Williams comments:

"Overall subscription TV represents better value than it did 12 months ago which is great news for UK consumers at a time of rapidly rising household costs."

  • Basic subscription TV packages fell 1% in pricefrom £16.66 per month to £16.50 per month as a result of competition between Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk
  • Sky Sports subscriptions(available from Sky, Virgin media and BT)increased by  12% as a result of a £7.61 per month price increase for BT Sky Sports viewersonly. Sky and Virgin Media actually held or dropped their prices slightly during the year
  • Sky Movies subscriptions(available on Sky and Virgin Media)fell in price by 5.3%to an average of £17.75 per month
  • Upfront costs for getting subscription TV also fell during the year, withhigh definition TV (HDTV) and 3D compatible boxes halving in cost during the year to an average of £24.50

Broadband price shift

Chris Williams comments:

"Broadband prices are holding steady or dropping, but the benefits of this price restraint is offset by large increases in home phone line rental, as most broadband packages require you to pay for line rental.

  • Basic broadband prices are holding steady(well under the rate of inflation), seeing a price increase of just 0.9% during the year to an average of £11.69 per month
  • A super-fast broadband price war between Virgin Media and BT has seen big price drops during the year,with prices dropping by an average of 15.5% to £23.25 per month

Home phone dials up the changes

Chris Williams comments:

"Home phone is the villain of the piece with very large price rises, well above the rate of inflation.  It is definitely worth paying line rental upfront in order to avoid higher line rental costs and rising prices."

  • Standard line rental (paid monthly) has increased by a whopping 11%on average in the last 12 months to an average of over £12.60 per month.  Line rental sits at the heart of virtually all TV, broadband and home phone bundles and so will have a key impact on consumers' wallets.  Suppliers offer cheaper line rentals deals if you pay upfront for 12 months - prices of these have remained largely static
  • The most popular free evening and weekend call plans have increased by 51% in price on average over the last 12 months to £2.70 per month. This is in tandem with rising connection charge and pence per minute call costs

Chris Williams concludes:

 "The confusing picture of price changes reaffirms the need to get good independent advice before signing up to a TV, broadband or home phone contract.  The long contracts involved mean that you can repent at your peril."



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