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Simpifydigital.com sees upload just as important as dowload speeds when choosing a broadband package

posted on 15 September 2011
  • Lack of information regarding broadband upload speeds may leave customers in the dark;
  • Simplifydigital.com comments on the importance of upload speeds;
  • Simplifydigital.com reveals three money-saving broadband deals listing both upload and download speeds.

It has been argued that because videos and pictures are shared online more than ever before, it has become somewhat of a necessity for broadband providers to be more transparent in their advertising when it comes to upload speeds.

Simplifydigital.com has looked at some packages only to note that most broadband providers made no straight-forward mention of upload speeds when promoting packages, however other aspects of the deals such as download speeds or contract length were very easy to locate.

Chris Mizon, Products Expert at Simplifydigital.com, commented on the findings:

"One might argue that upload speeds are of lesser importance compared to other aspects a broadband package includes, however it is fairly clear that the need for upload speeds has greatly increased.

"Customers shouldn't be less aware of the upload speeds they are receiving with their broadband package than download speeds.  Since social networking and blogging play a huge role in today's society, it is vital for customers to know how much time it will take to upload their holiday pictures onto Facebook."

Simplifydigital.com lists some great money-saving deals currently available:

1.    Be Value
-    Up to 12Mbps downloads
-    Up to 1.3Mbps uploads
-    Unlimited usage
-    12 month contract

2.    Virgin Media Broadband
-     Up to 50 Mbps downloads
-    Up to 5Mbps uploads
-    Unlimited Downloads
-    Free internet security
-    12 or 18 month contract

3.    O2 Broadband - The Works
-    Up to 20Mbps downloads
-    Up to 2.5Mbps uploads
-    Unlimited  downloads
-    30 day happiness guarantee



Notes to editors:
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Its London-based impartial experts are available for free over the phone, to answer all those tricky questions and match the family's needs to the best deal available.

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