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Ofcom releases free traffic management guide

Ofcom has published a free broadband traffic management guide for consumers. It explains how traffic shaping policies can impact on your online experience and the quality of your internet connection. Simplifydigital supports this initiative and offers free, independent advice on tackling traffic management issues.

By on September 07, 2013 at 12:00 PM
Ofcom releases free traffic management guide
  • Ofcom has released a free guide on traffic management for UK consumers
  • The guide aims to empower UK consumers by providing essential information on how traffic management and shaping techniques affect their internet connection and service
  • As an independent broadband comparison and switching service, Simplifydigital welcomes this initiative and aims to provide free, expert advice on any issues concerning the selection and management of consumers' broadband services

Ofcom provides advice on traffic management

The UK's telecoms regulator has produced a free guide on traffic management, to help you understand the ins and outs of "traffic shaping" policies employed by residential broadband providers.

Traffic shaping/management affects the speeds of your connection during peak hours, and is the practice of balancing out the 'up to' speeds of everyone using the same network in a local area, so that everyone can get online.

You can read the full Ofcom traffic management guide here

Simplifydigital also provides a free guide on traffic management policies, because we believe that it's important you know everything about your chosen broadband service, before you switch. Always make sure to check the small print before you sign on the dotted line, and be aware of any traffic management policies that could impact on your online experience if you're usually online at peak times.

It is worth saying that not all providers practice traffic management techniques - Sky for instance, has never used traffic shaping to metre out its network connections. Lyssa McGowan, Brand Director at Sky, commented on the release of Ofcom's free guide:

At Sky we believe consumers want unlimited services - as well as the peace of mind that 'unlimited' really means unlimited. As the only ISP which has never had any usage caps, fair-use policies or traffic management on our unlimited products we welcome the proposals by Ofcom that those who do traffic shape must be more transparent about it. This will ensure consumers can make informed decisions.

Recommended Sky deal with no traffic management policy:


TalkTalk also offers broadband packages with no traffic management policy, including its Essentials and Unlimited range of products.

Recommended TalkTalk deal with no traffic management policy:


For more information, take a look at our free traffic management guide.

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