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Virgin Media Student Broadband

Virgin Media is now offering its ultrafast cable broadband on a short 9 month contract, so students can get the most out of their service without paying for more than they'll use.

By on August 13, 2015 at 17:00 PM
Virgin Media Student Broadband

With broadband fast becoming an essential tool for every student, it's important to make sure your set up with a reliable service as quickly as possible. But for many, the thought of signing up for a full 12 month contract is off putting, especially as there are going to be months when you're not using the service at all!

That's why Virgin Media is now offering a number of great 9 month deals, designed to give Students access to the networks ultra-fast speeds without forcing them to pay over the odds. In fact, you don't even need a phone line installed to benefit from fantastic download speeds!

Hungry House

Plus, right now when you sign up for any Virgin Media Student deal through Simplifydigital, you'll also receive 3 x £15 hungry house vouchers absolutely free! So you can grab yourself a takeaway as soon as you move in! 

Simple, Ultrafast broadband

Whether your downloading lecture notes, photography projects or entire HD movies, Virgin Media's cable broadband service will get it to your desktop in the blink of an eye. Plus, with unlimited downloads, you'll be able to use the web as much as you like without paying more just because your roommate is streaming every Dr Who episode ever made.

What's the right speed for you?

When you're picking your broadband package, make sure you get the right speed without paying for more than you need.

Up to 50Mb

If you're looking for a fast connection to share between you and a couple of housemates, Virgin Media's 50Mb service will offer you more than enough bandwidth to surf, stream and download everything you need without slowing down anyone's connection.


Up to 100Mb

For busier 4 to 6 person households, or smaller groups that might want to download often, the networks 100Mb service delivers an ultra-fast service without breaking the bank.


Up to 152Mb

If you're living in dorms with up to 10 people, or just really want to make the most out of your broadband connection, then Virgin Media's 152Mb service is for you. No one in the flat should ever need to see the buffering circle again, no matter how many of you are streaming cat videos on YouTube.


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