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BT launches Student broadband!

BT have launched a 9-month Student version of their most popular broadband packages.

By on August 13, 2015 at 09:00 AM
BT launches Student broadband!

Summer is slowly coming to an end, which means a huge number of students will be either returning to University or flying the nest for the first time! Staying connected at university is essential for keeping in contact with friends and family, catching up on the latest TV on demand... and of course helping to get some coursework done! 

Some of the major broadband providers have released packages specifically for students! The contracts are 9 months long, perfect for term time, and saves any early termination fee at the end of the academic year! BT launched their Student packages on Monday, including a standalone broadband package, and a broadband and TV package.

I'm just looking for broadband.. 


BT's standalone broadband package starts at £12.50/ month for 9 months, no calls included. This package gives speeds of up to 17Mb, perfect for a small house share or even individual use. This package also includes unlimited data usage, allowing you to use as much internet (Netflix marathon), as often as you like! Remember you will also have to pay an additional £16.99 for line rental


If 17Mb doesn't sound enough for you and your house, BT also offer a 76Mb package - BT 'Unlimited Infinity 2'. If there are more than 3 of you in the house or using the internet, you'll probably want faster speeds than the standard 17Mb. For £22.50/month for 9 months, you'll get speeds of up to 76Mb and unlimited monthly usage. The more of you on the internet at the same time, the slower it'll be. You don't want pages taking ages to load the night before coursework is due... or Netflix skipping halfway through an Orange is the New Black Marathon. If you're a keen gamer, faster broadband speeds will cut your download time in more than half. Remember you will also have to pay an additional £16.99 for line rental


I'm looking for broadband and TV... 


If you're a keen sports fan (Champions League in particular!) then you might be intersted in BT's broadband, TV and home phone bundle. These packages unfortunately are not on a 9 month contract, but a 12 month contract. The BT Student TV Entertainment Plus + Unlimited broadband and weekend calls is £18.00/month, which includes broadband speeds of up to 17Mb, unlimited monthly downloads, and 118 channels including the BT Sport Pack. Included in the BT Sport Pack is BT Sport Europe, BT Sport ESPN and BT Sport 1 and 2. Remember you will also have to pay an additional £16.99 for line rental. 


If you're looking for even more channels and faster broadband speeds, the BT Student TV Entertainment Plus + Unlimited BT Infinity 2 and weekend calls might be the channel for you. For £33.00/month, you can get up to 76Mb speeds, unlimited monthly downloads, 142 channels, and weekend calls. Remember you will also have to pay an additional £16.99 for line rental


Here's a selection of the channels you would enjoy with TV Entertainment Plus:




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