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Virgin Media KipstR ensures you'll never miss a show, even if you fall asleep!

Two teenage tech prodigies have teamed up to create KipstR, the wearable device which sets your TiVo box to record as soon as you fall asleep in front of the telly.

By on December 19, 2014 at 12:00 PM
Digital TV
Virgin Media KipstR ensures you'll never miss a show, even if you fall asleep!

After a huge turkey with all the trimmings, a couple of sherries and a mountain of chocolates, it's no wonder one in five of us are expected to fall asleep on the sofa this Christmas day. While a quick nap might be just the ticket to help digest all those pigs in blankets, it can often mean missing out on some of the best festive TV broadcast on the big day.

KipstR KidsLuckily, two tech savvy teens have come up with an innovative solution. Ryan Oliver, 15, and Jonathan Kingsley, 14, have teamed up with Virgin Media to create KipstR. The pair were commissioned by the network to help develop the 3D printed wristband, which reads the users pulse to sense if the wearer is asleep or awake. The device will then mimic a TiVo remote control to pause, record or resume a show depending on your state, meaning you won't have to miss a thing should your eyelids get a little heavy.

Virgin Media is now exploring a number of other uses for the smart wristband. In the future similar devices could be used to help control everything in the home, turning on and off electronics as necessary or even altering the central heating once you fall asleep. It's possible the network could also use the device to work out which shows evoke the strongest responses from the wearer, allowing TiVo to learn the programmes you really love and suggest others you might also like.

Neil Illingworth, head of advanced technology and innovation at Virgin Media, said:

We have been exploring the possibilities of connected entertainment for some time and are very excited to unveil KipstR. With emerging new technologies, it is possible to create almost anything, such as emotionally intelligent entertainment systems that can suggest shows based on your moods, or even harnessing brainwaves to control your television.

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