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Virgin Media trialling 1Gb broadband in Cambridgeshire

Virgin Media is bringing superfast 1Gb broadband to a village in Cambridgeshire using a brand new method called narrow trenching, which could reduce the cost of rolling out new lines down as much as 33%.

By on September 18, 2014 at 10:00 AM
Virgin Media trialling 1Gb broadband in Cambridgeshire

100 households in the Cambridgeshire village of Papworth will be able to sign up to an ultrafast 1Gb trial service from Virgin Media, which will enable the residents to download, stream and surf the web at the fastest speeds the network has ever reached. In fact, at full speed users could download a HD movie in just 42 seconds.

The lines are being rolled out using a new approach called narrow trenching, which could end up reducing the costs by up to 33% and ultimately speeding up the process. Engineers can cover up to 100m in a day with the new method, which involves digging a smaller 10cm trench as opposed to a 40cm one, that's twice the speed of the current roll out.

Along with the 100 1Gb lines, hundreds more households in the area will be given access to Virgin Media's 152Mb service, which is currently the UK's fastest widely available broadband.

Paul buttery, Virgin Media's Chief Customer, Networks and Technology Officer, said:

Virgin Media continues to push the boundaries of broadband, launching the UK's first superfast service in 2008 and boosting Virgin Media homes yet again with 152Mb broadband launched this year. We know our network is unbeatable and we are excited to bring 1Gb to the people of Papworth as they help us explore a new way of rolling out our network faster and more cost-effectively.

Virgin Media recently announced plans to expand the network to a further 100,000 homes in East London, which could possibly benefit from the newer faster method of laying cables.

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