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Austin Healey urges BT customers to switch on parental controls

Ex England and Lions Rugby Union International, Austin Healey, will be the face of BT's publicity campaign for BT Parental Controls. The BT Sport presenter is urging anyone with young children to spend a couple of minutes setting up their filters to protect them online.

By on September 12, 2014 at 13:00 PM
Austin Healey urges BT customers to switch on parental controls

Former Leicester Tigers rugby star Austin Healey will now be the face of BT's campaign to get parents to set up their parental controls. The father of four daughters, all aged between six and 13 years, is urging parents to make sure they have all their filters set up before they allow their kids to get online.

BT Parental Controls is a network-based filter, which means it starts working before a site even reaches your screen. Whether you are using a PC, tablet or even a games console, if it's connected to your home hub router any inappropriate content will be immediately filtered out. It also means there is no software to download, you simply head over to BT's website and choose the level of filter you feel is appropriate for your family.

You can even set the filters to automatically turn on or off at particular times, acting as a "watershed" or even a "homework time" when the kids should be studying.

Austin Healy, a BT sport presenter, said:

As a parent, there are an endless number of things to worry about, so don't make the internet one of them. It really does take a matter of minutes and a few clicks of a mouse to protect your children online and it will give you the peace of mind of knowing they are using the internet more safely.

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