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BT customers can watch YouView in two rooms at once

BT customers with superfast fibre broadband now have the option of running two YouView+ boxes in their homes, allowing them to watch their subscribed BT TV channels in two separate rooms.

By on July 07, 2014 at 14:30 PM
BT customers can watch YouView in two rooms at once

BT customers can enjoy their BT TV subscription in two rooms, thanks to the networks Extra Box service. Customers can apply for a second YouView+ box for just £5 extra a month plus £99 up front.

The second box will have all the functionality of the first one, including seven day catch up TV, rewinding and recording live TV and full access to any live channel subscriptions you signed up for.

Currently, only BT Infinity broadband customers with download speeds of up to 38Mb and above will be able to take advantage of the second box. This is probably to ensure a reliable connection to the live channels streamed directly from the web. While standard broadband might struggle with two on going streams, a superfast fibre broadband service will have no problem displaying both in crystal clear clarity.

Alex Green, Director of TV for BT, said:

We are delighted to be able to offer BT customers the added flexibility of having two YouView+ boxes in their home. Over the past year, we have transformed our service by introducing pay TV channels delivered in fantastic HD quality on our market-leading YouView+ box. We believe this offers the best quality TV experience and the most competitive bundle with fibre in the market.

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