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BT announces extra online storage for broadband customers

BT Broadband customers can now increase their BT Cloud online storage to a huge 500GB for as little as £9 per month. BT Cloud offers customers a space to store all their files online, giving them the ability to access their photos, videos and documents from virtually anywhere and across multiple devices.

By on June 25, 2014 at 10:00 AM
BT announces extra online storage for broadband customers

One of the benefits of BT's broadband service is the free cloud space, allowing users to store files online and access them wherever an internet connection is available. Standard BT broadband customers are given 5GB of online storage in BT Cloud, while superfast BT infinity packages include 50GB of space.

However, if the free allowance isn't quite enough, existing broadband customers can now add on extra storage for a small monthly cost. An extra 50GB can be added for £3 per month and a massive 500GB can be accessed for £9 per month.

The extra storage will stacked on top of the customer's existing allowance. So if you already have 50GB of storage for free, an extra £9 will give you access to 550GB of online space.

David McDonald, BT's Director of Broadband, TV and Sport Bundles, said:

We're now even cheaper than some of our major competitors, including Dropbox. For example, 500GB at £9 per month saves you over £175 a year versus Dropbox, so we hope this will to appeal to many more customers.

For more information about BT Cloud and how to access it, head to our easy to follow online FAQ.

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