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Virgin Media's superfast broadband is more popular than ever

Virgin Media has revealed 4.4 million UK residents are now subscribed to one of its superfast cable packages, as we continue to demand more and more from our broadband service.

By on May 07, 2014 at 12:00 PM
Virgin Media's superfast broadband is more popular than ever

As technology becomes more accessible and easier to use, we are demanding even more from our broadband service. That's why many of us in the UK are switching to superfast broadband packages that can take the strain of all the downloading, streaming and browsing we now do on a day to day basis.

In fact, Virgin Media found that twice as many customers are now connecting five or more devices to their broadband than a year ago and peak internet use has grown 60% since last year. The company belives this is the reason thousands more subscribers are applying for one of its superfast packages every month

In the first quarter of 2014, 40,100 customers took advantage of one of its unlimited broadband deals, a third of which took out packages offering 60Mb download speeds or above.

Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media's CEO, said:

Virgin Media's unrivalled network provides people with the speed and capacity they need to keep up with their busy lives... More than a third of our customers have already chosen 60Mb broadband or above, speeds that are five times faster than the national average and are otherwise unobtainable across much of the country.

Superfast digital TV

It's not just Virgin Media's superfast broadband service that's proving popular though. 2.1 million customers are now also enjoying the free TiVo box that comes with the networks digital TV subscriptions.

Unlike many digital TV boxes, which simply allow you to record, rewind and pause live TV, TiVo will learn which shows you like to watch and records shows it thinks you might be interested in on your behalf. You can even stream a huge range of content to your TV, including shows from your Netflix subscription, without decreasing the speed of your regular broadband.

Better bigger bundles

Many of Virgin Media's best offers are available as one of its Collections, which the company recently announced would see a big update at the end of the month.

The new 'Big Bundles' will offer customers the chance to pick up a quad-play package, providing a sim-only mobile phone service on top of the regular broadband, digital TV and home phone bundle. These will start from £5 extra every month and will be available to everyone from 29th May.

Should I switch to Virgin Media?

Virgin Media's cable service is great for any busy households that spend a lot of time online. With its superfast broadband service you won't see any dip in quality while you stream the latest movies to your HD TV, even if there's computer in the next room downloading a huge file or a games console upstairs connecting to other players around the world.

For the best value deal, we recommend looking into the new quad-play bundle on offer at the end of this month. Virgin Media believe "families taking (a quad-play deal) can save over £300 a year versus the nearest comparable services from Sky and the next best value SIM from any mobile operator."

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