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Virgin Media customers use SmartCall to lower landline costs

Virgin Media customers have used SmartCall to save more than £1.2 million in just 6 months. The service, which allows you to use your Virgin Media home phone minutes over WiFi, has been used to make a total of 670,000 calls from across the globe since October 2013.

By on May 23, 2014 at 16:00 PM
Virgin Media customers use SmartCall to lower landline costs

Since its launch in October 2013, Virgin Media customers have used the SmartCall app to rack up over 3 million minutes. The "hassle-free WiFi landline calling app" allows customers to "liberate their landline minutes on their mobiles regardless of their mobile network", according to Virgin Media.

According to the stats, people talk for 80% longer on SmartCall than on a standard mobile call. A total of 670,000 calls have been made using the app from across the world, with iPhone owners making up 45% of SmartCall users and Samsung users making up 37%.

Joe Lathan, director of broadband and home phone at Virgin Media, commented:

It's great to see SmartCall liberate customers' landlines and save people money. Whether it is a parent making a SmartCall home when working abroad or the kids using WiFi to save their pre-pay minutes, using our free app is a smart call. This gives Virgin Media customers another way to harness the power of their superfast broadband when at home and take the value of their landline with them wherever they go in the world.

Can I use SmartCall?

If you have a Virgin Media home phone service with minutes, you can use SmartCall on your smartphone regardless of your mobile network. You can call people from overseas and even make calls to 08 numbers, all you need to do is download the iPhone or Android app and use it instead of making regular landline calls on your home phone.

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