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Deloitte Media Consumer Survey 2014 finds UK is a nation of TV bingers

Deloitte's 8th annual Media Consumer Survey analyses the major trends of UK media consumers. The analysts found that almost a fifth of us go to bed late and binge on episodes of our favourite shows, while those of us with Pay TV packages are almost twice as likely to sign up for additional TV subscription services like NOW TV and Netflix.

By on May 21, 2014 at 15:00 PM
Digital TV
Deloitte Media Consumer Survey 2014 finds UK is a nation of TV bingers

Deloitte has released the results of its 8th annual Media Consumer Survey, which charts digital TV and media uptake across the UK.

A fifth of us binge on our favourite TV shows

Almost a fifth of us frequently stay up late and get up early to "squeeze in just one more episode", according to Deloitte. Apparently women are more likely to binge on TV (19%) than men (15%) and co-habiting couples binge more than single people. 

What does this mean for UK consumers?

With nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of us preferring to watch several episodes of our favourite show than only one installment, UK TV viewers are increasingly enjoying TV content on our own terms. The need to "binge" on shows is greatest in 25-34 year olds, and younger viewers are more likely to subscribe to additional pay TV services like Netflix and NOW TV than older viewers, which could see our monthly expenditure on TV content increasing as time goes on and our need to consume more content increases. 

Pay TV and basic TV viewers watch almost the same amount of channels

Interestingly, even though Pay TV subscribers have access to tons more channels, a whopping 72 per cent of people surveyed said that they regularly watched ten or fewer channels.

While you may think that this, and the fact that Pay TV subscribers only watch an average of three additional channels, means their demand for content is similar to basic TV license payers, Pay TV subscribers are actually 50 per cent more likely than free-to-air homes to subscribe to an additional TV streaming service. This makes bundling streaming TV services with Pay TV subscriptions a good idea for providers, for instance Virgin Media and Netflix, and Sky offering NOW TV.

What does this mean for UK consumers?

Once we are signed up to a Pay TV service, most of us stay subscribed. Deloitte has suggested that this is due to complacency, rather than a particular penchant for specific content:

Inertia means that people are maintaining their subscriptions: half of subscribers to the UK's most popular paid service say their reason for continuing is that they always did so. The next most popular reason given is that it is part of a bundle. Access to specific content does not feature highly in the selection criteria.

Only 14 per cent highlight premium TV content as a reason to subscribe, while ten per cent say they subscribe for sports and fewer than ten per cent are swung by access to shows on multiple devices.

If you're among those who have remained signed up to pay TV out of complacency, you may wish to consider a new type of combined bundle from Sky that includes broadband, home phone and a NOW TV box that gives you access to key Sky channels and catch up TV services, without being a full, traditional paid TV service.

Even if you're happy to stay signed up to all three services it may still be time for a change, so why not give our friendly, independent advisors a call and see how much you could save by switching packages?

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