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NCA warns internet users to update their security software

posted on 03 June 2014

The UK National Crime Agency, or NCA, is advising anyone using the Windows operating system to update their security, after a new wave of malware, a malicious piece of computer software, infected over 15,000 computers in the UK alone. The threat is one of the largest scale operations ever to hit the web, but it can be easily prevent... [read more]

BBC to stream the 1966 World Cup final live

posted on 30 May 2014

BBC Sport will be streaming the 1966 World cup final exclusively online today as if it was a live game. The match is the first of a number of broadcasts to be shown as part of the BBC's World Cup Rewind season, leading up to the 24/7 coverage of all the action from Brazil. Kick-off is at 12:00 and will feature running text commentary, ... [read more]

Google launches a 'right to be forgotten' service in the EU

posted on 30 May 2014

Google is taking steps to ensure links to irrelevant and outdated personal information can be erased on request, after a European Union court decided people should have the "right to be forgotten". The ruling was made on 13th May after a case was brought up by a Spanish man who complained an auction notice of his repossessed home cont... [read more]

Virgin Media Big Bundles bring quad-play to the UK

posted on 29 May 2014

Virgin Media is bringing quad-play deals to the UK for the first time, as part of its new range of Big Bundles. Customers will be able to add a SIM only mobile phone deal to their digital TV, broadband and home phone contract for as little as £5 extra every month. What do I get with the included mobile phone deal? There are two SIM ... [read more]

TalkTalk unveils new Super Router

posted on 28 May 2014

TalkTalk is now offering a brand new router to customers signing up to any one of its superfast fibre broadband packages. The network has called the device it's "best ever router", providing users with a connection three times faster than the previous generation and pushing out Wi-Fi coverage even further around the home.  The ne... [read more]

Virgin Media customers use SmartCall to lower landline costs

posted on 23 May 2014

Since its launch in October 2013, Virgin Media customers have used the SmartCall app to rack up over 3 million minutes. The "hassle-free WiFi landline calling app" allows customers to "liberate their landline minutes on their mobiles regardless of their mobile network", according to Virgin Media. According to the stats, people talk for... [read more]

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