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BT and UNICEF UK partner up to keep kids safe online

BT and UNICEF UK are working together to launch The Right Click: Internet Safety Matters, a new campaign which aims to teach both children and their parents about the importance of internet security.

By on April 01, 2014 at 16:00 PM
BT and UNICEF UK partner up to keep kids safe online

BT and UNICEF UK, the UK arm of the world's leading children's rights organisation, have struck up a three year partnership in order to teach children and their parents more about staying safe online. As part of The Right Click campaign set up by the two companies, both organisations will be working with teachers, parents and children across the UK in various sessions and workshops, providing them with practical advice and the tools they need to stay safe.

The launch of the partnership comes after a study by BT revealed that 52% of parents with school children aged 4 - 16 do not feel they get enough support when it comes to talking to their children about online safety, and a further 21% just don't have the confidence to even bring up the subject. A recent report by Ofcom, the UK's communications regulator, backs up this claim, revealing that 1 in 8 UK parents had no idea internet filters exsisted.

The Right Click: Internet Safety Matters programme will be rolled out from June 2014, and hopes to reach around 100 schools across the UK in its first year. 600 volunteers from BT's own staff will offer their technical expertise through the various workshops and, over the course of three years, will potentially reach a total of 21,000 parents and children.

The further funding provided by BT will also allow UNICEF UK to recruit a further 80 schools into its Rights Respecting Schools Programme. This ensures that children in some of the UK's most deprived areas will be able to learn more about their rights, enabling them to become "more confident, responsible citizens."

Catherine Cottrell, Deputy Executive Director, Fundraising UNICEF UK, said:

At UNICEF we believe that children across the UK have the right to grow up safely, using technology and the internet for all of its many benefits in a safe and informed way. We are delighted to be working with BT to bring our Rights Respecting Schools programme to even more schools and to work with BT's expert volunteers to give children, parents and teachers the support  they need to help keep their families safe online.

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