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Ofcom looks into in-flight use of 3G and 4G mobile data

Ofcom has launched a new consultation that aims to allow the use of both 3G and 4G based smartphones and tablets while travelling by air on a licence-exempt basis.

By on February 12, 2014 at 10:00 AM
Ofcom looks into in-flight use of 3G and 4G mobile data

Since 2008 customers flying on certain airlines have been able to make 2G based in-flight phone calls but until now the use of fast mobile data has still been taboo. Now Ofcom has proposed both 3G and 4G data should be allowed during flights, after a similar decision was recently reached by the European Commission.

The EC's decision was based on the increase in demand for a consistent connection as well as the recent "advances in technology" which will mean "air passengers can use their mobile devices for transferring large amounts of data"

The consultation for Ofcom's proposal will be left open until 12th March 2014, two months before the all EU member states are required to adopt the EC's decision which in turn will be worked into national law.


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