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TalkTalk offers free landline privacy features

In its continued battle against nuisance calls, TalkTalk is offering even more privacy features, including Anonymous Caller Reject, completely free to customers using its home phone service.

By on January 16, 2014 at 10:30 AM
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TalkTalk offers free landline privacy features

TalkTalk has announced it will be the first ISP to make all its landline privacy features completely free. The move is part of the network's ongoing campaign to stamp out nuisance calls in the UK.

Research from consumer support group Which? states that one third of Britains feel intimidated by cold calls, and over half have been discouraged from picking up the landline at all.

To make its users feel more comfortable answering their home phone, TalkTalk is offering its Anonymous Caller Reject service completely free. This means anyone who tries to call the user from a withheld number will hear only a busy tone, while the customer's phone won't even ring. This service is available on other networks, however it can cost up to £4.00 a month depending on your provider.

TalkTalk can now also add a Last Caller Barring service to its customer's talk plan completely free. This will allow users to block the last number that called their landline, preventing them from calling again.

Dido Harding, TalkTalk CEO, said:

Nuisance and unwanted calls are a huge source of stress and frustration. We don't believe that people should be charged for the privilege of protecting their privacy. Our customers can now benefit from even more free features to help them avoid nuisance calls, helping to make TalkTalk homes even better off.

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