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Ofcom believes the UK is "ready for game streaming"

Following the recent announcement of Sony's PlayStation Now service at CES, both Ofcom and game streaming specialist OnLive have gone on record saying that UK gamers are ready to stream games over their broadband connection.

By on January 20, 2014 at 12:00 PM
Ofcom believes the UK is "ready for game streaming"

During this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Sony announced it would soon be releasing PlayStation Now, a Netflix-like service for its extensive back catalogue of PlayStation titles. While this service is currently only available in the US in beta form, Sony is hoping for a worldwide release by the end of the year. 

Speaking to MCV, a trade magazine focused on the retail and business side of video games, a representative from Ofcom claimed the UK's broadband speeds were more than capable of handling the large amount of data required to allow PlayStation Now to run smoothly.

An Ofcom spokesperson said:

In May 2013, the UK average peak-time download speed was 14.2Mbps, Our panel is selected so it is representative of the UK population as a whole and our test results are weighted to make them fully representative.

However while this is a massive improvment over results taken as few as 3 years ago, which were an average of just 6.2 Mb, it still might not be quite enough to run a game streaming service. What the Ofcom figure doesn't take into account is that gamers will often not be the only one using the broadband connection in the household.

Sony recently claimed Playstation Now will run fine on speeds as little as 5Mb, but if someone else in the house is already streaming a movie or even downloading something to their computer, a 14.2Mb connection may not be enough to keep up with the demand. 

The answer then will likely be fibre broadband, which will offer customers a stable broadband connection in excess of 24mb, more than enough to handle a couple of streams at once.

While not everyone in the UK will have access to superfast speeds right now, as OnLive, a separate game streaming service, point out broadband lines are now improving across the country on a daily basis.

Bruce Grove, OnLive's general manager, said:

Not everyone has the infrastructure, but clearly many people now do. Over the last few years we've seen increased fibre deployments and people now routinely have 20Mbps, many can get 100Mbps or greater. Sony has clearly seen the importance of game streaming as one of the ways players will want to access gaming libraries, and that in itself is an important validation of this sector.

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