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Ofcom awards Cambridge and Scarborough TV stations licences to broadcast

Two TV stations in Cambridge and Scarborough have become the next Local TV channels to be awarded a licences to broadcast by the independant communications regulator Ofcom

By on November 08, 2013 at 12:00 PM
Digital TV
Ofcom awards Cambridge and Scarborough TV stations licences to broadcast

Cambridge Presents will receive a license from Ofcom to broadcast a local TV channel in the Cambridge area while Yorkshire Coast TV has been awarded a licence to start a similar channel for Scarborough. These two bring the number of licences given out to TV stations up and down the country to 21.

Each of the channels will be broadcast as Freeview digital TV channels via the local multiplex- a part of the spectrum reserved specifically for use by local TV. Ofcom believes that the channels could reach around 83,000 properties in Cambridge and 31,000 in Scarborough respectively.

The news comes after Ofcom awarded control of the local multiplex to Comux who will hold the licence for the next 12 years.

A further five locations are now being considered for a local TV service, including stations in Bangor, Middlesbrough, Mold, Swansea and York and could be approved at any time in the coming months.

Grimsby will be the first area to receive its digital local TV station when the channel begins broadcasting on 26th November this year.

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