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Ofcom aims to improve mobile broadband bandwidth

Ofcom has marked out various spectrum bands that could be used to provide 3G, 4G and even a new 5G network. The rearranged bands could be enough to boost mobile bandwidth more than 25 times.

By on November 22, 2013 at 10:30 AM
Ofcom aims to improve mobile broadband bandwidth

As more and more wireless devices are sold every day, the need for a faster and more reliable mobile connection is constantly growing. Ofcom has been researching how much space can be freed up from the current radio spectrum in the UK, in order to provide better 3G, 4G and even a new superfast 5G connection.

The independent regulator has predicted that demand for mobile data will be 80 times higher than it is now in 2030, making the need for a more efficient network even more necessary.

Ed Richards, Ofcom Chief Executive, said:

The demands for mobile data will only increase as millions more wireless devices connect to the internet and each other. We're looking at ways to use spectrum more efficiently and consider future releases of prime spectrum. By doing so, we can help to meet the significant demands placed on our wireless infrastructure and develop one of the world's leading digital economies.

The spectrum marked for use includes a rearranged version of the 700MHz band currently used by Digital TV and the 2.3/3.4 GHz bands which are owned by the Ministry of Defence.

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