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Ofcom announce superfast broadband is available in 73% of homes in the UK

The fibre broadband roll-out has reached over 73% of British homes and businesses according to a report recently released by Ofcom. The amount of people signing up for a superfast connection has almost doubled in the last year.

By on October 25, 2013 at 10:30 AM
Ofcom announce superfast broadband is available in 73% of homes in the UK

The Ofcom report has revealed that 73% of premises in the UK are now able to receive a broadband connection of at least 30Mbps, a significant jump up from the 65% reported last year.

Although this is great news there is some debate as to whether enough people are upgrading to the superfast connection. Right now fibre optic broadband accounts for just 22% of all of Britain's internet users. While this might seem a lot lower than the number of available connections, it should be noted that this is still 4.8 million people and, as Ofcom points out, the figure is double what it was last year. 

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Britain's data usage is now larger than ever. Over 650 million gigabytes of data was sent and received by UK internet users in June alone which, according to the report, is equivalent to more than one billion copies of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Ofcom believe that the rise of high quality on demand TV services and the increased number of devices available to watch them on, such as tablets and mobile phones, are the two major factors in this increased usage. 

The mobile nature of these devices has led to a demand for better mobile broadband connections as well as improving internet in the home. 34,000 mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are now available and Ofcom are looking into improving 4G and 3G connections on both train lines and along Britain's roads. Right now while most motorways have a good 3G connection only 35% of A and B roads are covered by any form of mobile signal. 

Ed Richards, Ofcom's chief executive, said:

We know consumers increasingly expect superfast speeds, but it is also important to make sure people can connect over a very wide area. That is why we are doing everything we can to support moves to improve coverage in difficult areas such as roads and train lines.

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