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Wi-Fi access is becoming crucial for campers

Wireless broadband is slowly becoming a necessity when it comes to spending time in the great outdoors according to, a site specialising in camping holidays.

By on July 01, 2013 at 11:39 AM
Wi-Fi access is becoming crucial for campers

Is there wireless broadband in UK camp sites?

According to the source, only 17 per cent of camping holiday locations give access to wireless broadband and of those only a mere 8 per cent supply it for free. Pitchup has seen a direct response to this fact with a 91 per cent increase in customer complaints due to no internet access on the sites.

Why is there such poor broadband availability on camp sites?

As most camp sites are situated in rural locations with limited or no access to standard broadband, it may be difficult for site owners to give their customers access to Wi-Fi. However, a lack of internet access has now been raised as an issue which is slowly being addressed.

Dan Yates, the MD of, commented:

Wi-Fi allows outdoor holidaymakers to keep a close eye on weather forecasts, check online map services and even plan their next pitch while on the road. Remote areas can suffer a lack of Wifi availability and this can deter holidaymakers.

Some of our customers need to work at some point during their holiday and limited internet access can be a make or break decision when they choose holiday accommodation.

Possible solutions to get campers connected to broadband

Mr Yates suggested that more concentration should be put on broadband developments in rural and isolated areas. Alternatively, 4G mobile broadband might be the key to getting online when camping.

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