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Superfast broadband deals of the week

Looking for a faster home broadband package? Simplifydigital makes it easy for you; we've rounded up some of the best superfast broadband deals this week to make sure you make the most of what's currently on offer.

By on February 15, 2013 at 00:00 AM
Superfast broadband deals of the week

These broadband deals have now expired, please check our broadband providers page for the latest deals

Ladies and gentlemen, here are our swiftest top 3 deals for this week.

Virgin Media's Broadband 30Mbps package:

It's no wonder that Virgin Media is top of the list. With superfast broadband speeds of up to 30Mbps (free for the first 6 months) and unlimited downloads, Virgin Media's 'small households and couples' deal is great for downloading films, uploading videos on Youtube and surfing the net with no interruptions or delays.

You can find this deal right here.

John Lewis' Standard broadband package:

John Lewis is offering a steady speed of up to 16Mbps with the Standard broadband package which will suit those who like to shop online and enjoy watching Youtube. With a download limit of 20GB, you're not restricted in what you can watch online. If you need more GB, but don't want to upgrade, you can top up with £5 for 5GB per month.

You can find this deal right here.

BT Broadband's Basic package:

BT Broadband Basic deal has speeds of up to 16Mbps and a 10GB download limit. While this wouldn't be the first choice for those with large households or heavy users, customers with moderate broadband needs could find this package just right for them. With only £6.50 to pay for the first 6 months, BT's Basic is a great deal if you like to browse your emails and the internet at your own pace.

You can find this deal right here.

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