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Sky's Wi-Fi broadband provider the Cloud reaches 7m users

Free Wi-Fi has been accessed by more than ever before, thanks to The Cloud from Sky

By on January 15, 2013 at 00:00 AM
Sky's Wi-Fi broadband provider the Cloud reaches 7m users

Do you remember the last time you logged in to a wireless network in your local coffee shop, restaurant, shopping mall or even take away? It possibly was this morning on your way to work, or yesterday evening when you stopped at Gregg's to grab some pastry.

Wireless broadband from the Cloud is on the rise

The Cloud has become phenomenally popular. With the service, you can connect and surf the web for free in any high street location that the Wi-Fi network provider blankets.

Owned by Sky, the wireless provider, has now officially reached 7 million registered users who have  connected to the Cloud's Wi-Fi network for over 1 billion minutes ever since the first day of 2013.

The service has become as successful as it currently is because of the increasing popularity of smartphones. According to Ofcom's latest findings, every two in five adults in the UK now own one.

Another reason why wireless broadband is on the rise is the increasing demand for tablet computers, YouGov has estimated that UK tablet ownership is likely to reach 10 million devices by the end of 2013.

So where should you look out for wireless broadband provided by the Cloud? Think M&S, WHSmith, Greggs, Greene King pubs, Wagamama and many more. Just look out for the "Wi-Fi provided by the Cloud" sign.

Do you want unlimited access to the Cloud? It is included in these great broadband bundles:

Broadband Unlimited & Talk Weekends with Line Rental (Without TV)

The deal comes with:

  •  Average download speeds of up to 14 Mbps
  •  Truly unlimited broadband
  •  Upload speeds of 1.3 Mbps
  •  Sky wireless hub router

Sky+HD Entertainment Pack & Broadband Unlimited & Talk Weekends

The deal comes with:

  •  Average broadband speeds of up to 14 Mbps
  •  As with the previous offer - truly unlimited broadband
  •  30 HD channels - this means that you can enjoy shows in crystal clear HD
  •  3D content for oweners of 3D tellies
  • The deal comes with The Sky+ HD Box. It comes with a one year warranty should something go wrong.

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