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The Times picks Simplifydigital as a top 10 money-saving website

Looking to save money? Take a peek at The Times' 50 best money-saving websites. A group of budget-savvy experts were asked to scour the internet for ways to save on everyday expenditure, and we're pleased to announce that Simplifydigital was voted a top 10 money-saving website, coming in 7th overall, out of the 50 best sites.

By on January 31, 2013 at 15:09 PM
The Times picks Simplifydigital as a top 10 money-saving website

The Times top 10 money-saving websites:

Who's in the top 10? Find out, and see where you could cut some costs:

1. - a place to compare energy, insurance, travel prices & lots more

2. - lists local landline alternatives to expensive premium numbers

3. - helps you find an economical & eco-friendly energy solution

4. - a place to trade in your mobile phone for what it's really worth

5. - a forum to share money-saving tips, current offers & budget advice

6. - helps you find financial support, benefits & grant information

7. - a free digital switching service run by independent experts, to help you save on broadband, phone and TV

8. - lets you select the groceries you want, then find the cheapest online supermarket to buy them from, cutting the cost of your food bills

9. - a place to bid on property seized by the police, from bikes to furniture

10. - a shopping search engine, that lets you find the best price on the web

Why Simplifydigital?

We're an Ofcom-accredited switching service for broadband, home phone and digital TV. Our Price Comparison Calculator lets you instantly compare over 11,000 available deals from all UK providers and find the right deal for you, based on your needs and what's available in your area. You'd be surprised how much time and money you could save by switching your digital services provider through us.

60%* of people who call us for savings advice find that they can save by bundling broadband, digital TV and home phone services from a single provider. Statistics showed that the top 20%** of customers saved over £278 a year,and the top 10% saved a staggering £423 per year.

However many people are reluctant to change provider for fear of losing services during the switch.  This is why a free switching support service like Simplifydigital can really help.  Simplifydigital's independent experts are available for free not only to help you choose the best deal, but also to be on hand to make sure that your new services are installed with minimum of fuss.

How can Simplifydigital help you?


Not sure which deal to go for, or what kind of service you need? Don't worry. As well as a top 10 money-saving website, we also operate a telephone switching service. Our friendly, UK-based independent experts are specially trained to assess your needs, recommend the right deal for you and organise everything for you, even installation.

Call us to get the best broadband deal in your area, or find out more about the services available for you to choose from.

*60% of our customer save. 2186 out of 3128 customers saved money (Sept 2012 - Dec 2012)

**20% of Simplifydigital customers received an average saving of £278 per year.

Data based on 2186 Simplifydigital records between 01 September 2012 - 31st December 2012.

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