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Home phone packages and providers

Comparing home phone deals in your area can be a bit tricky with so many different providers to choose from! Luckily Simplifydigital's friendly experts are here to help you identify the right package for your family so you can stay in touch for less.

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Home phone
Home phone packages and providers

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Home phone providers at Simplifydigital:

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Find out which home phone providers are available in your area:

Don't worry if you're looking at all those deals and not sure how to pick one.

How to make sense of the home phone deal table

  • The first column of the table shows the provider's name.
  • The second column of the table shows the description of the deal, what's included and any special offers
  • Most home phone deals now come with broadband bundled as part of the offer. This is why the third column of the table shows broadband up to speeds - anything above 17Mbps is better than the UK national average and should be sufficient for most needs.
  • The fourth column shows the download limit for your broadband connection - if you plan on browsing websites, checking your email and occasionally watching YouTube videos then 20GB should be fine, but if you like to enjoy a lot of online content you may wish to consider an unlimited broadband deal
  • The final column shows your monthly cost, this is broken into two parts - the charge for any broadband service included in the bundle, and the cost for your monthly line rental

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There are great savings to be had if you pick an offer with inclusive calls, and it's even better if you bundle your home phone service with broadband, reducing the amount of bills you have to deal with on a monthly basis. Packages that include line rental and internet are often more cost-effective than home phone offers without broadband.

How to compare home phone deals

There are more options available than you think

While BT is the main UK landline provider, you're not obliged to take your home phone service with them. It is possible to get a cheap home phone service from a different supplier - TalkTalk, Sky, Plusnet and Primus all offer competitive deals on landline connections and inclusive calls.

It's better to bundle

If you use broadband internet, try to find a home phone and broadband bundle that will save you money. Most providers offer double or triple play bundles with home phone, broadband and digital TV included, at competitive prices and with extra features, like anytime calls or unlimited internet. It'll cut down on the number of bills you have to deal with every month, too!

Minutes matter

Make sure that you are choosing a home phone package that includes the minutes you need, not only at the correct time of day, but also to the correct type of phone. If you call mobile phones a lot, or international numbers, you can reduce your bills dramatically by getting inclusive minutes that meet your needs.

Ask the home phone experts

When comparing home phone deals, you don't have to go it alone. Give our friendly Switching Support experts a call, and they'll happily talk you through your options; comparing 11,000 offers from UK providers until they find the right service for you. If you're happy with the deal they suggest, they can also arrange installation and confirm the date with you over the phone.

If you need any further help choosing the right home phone service, please don't hesitate to give our Switching Support experts a call. They're available seven days a week, and will take all the hard work out of choosing the right service by comparing home phone deals for you and arranging everything, even installation of your new service.

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