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TalkTalk vs BT – Which is right for you?

BT and TalkTalk are two of the UK’s biggest broadband networks, and both offer some fantastic broadband, home phone, TV and SIM only mobile deals. But which one is the right one for your home? We put both side by side to help you make your decision.

By on July 02, 2015 at 00:00 AM
Digital TV
TalkTalk vs BT – Which is right for you?


Both BT and TalkTalk use the same copper wiring to connect UK homes to the web, however it's worth noting that TalkTalk's lines are unbundled. All this really means is TalkTalk is using its own software separate from BT's network, meaning speeds can often vary between the two and often allows TalkTalk to provide much cheaper and sometimes faster deals.


PointerRaceOfcom's most recent report still puts BT ahead of TalkTalk by about 1Mb in terms of average speed. As with all copper broadband lines though, outside factors play a huge part in the actual speed you'll receive. Distance from the exchange as well as the number of users in your area can really take their toll on your downloads. If speed really matters to you, it's worth asking for a speed estimate for your new line before you sign up to a deal.

Both networks also offer a superfast broadband service, with packages allowing speeds of up to 38Mb or 76Mb available from each provider. These are a better option for those wanting to spend more time online, streaming TV for instance or downloading large files such as videogames or HD movies.

Download caps

Every time you load up a webpage, watch a clip on YouTube or even just read an email, you will be using some of your download allowance. While webpages themselves take miniscule amounts of data to open, catch up TV from BBC iPlayer or Sky Go can easily send you over some smaller download limits if you're not careful. That's why it's important to ensure you are getting enough data to use the web in the way you want to.

BT offers various packages depending on how often you intend to use the web. 10 GB, 20 GB and Unlimited usage deals are available, although if you do intend to do anything more than browse the internet and check your mail online we would recommend sticking with the unlimited service.

TalkTalk on the other hand only offers what it calls totally unlimited broadband. No matter which deal you choose, the provider will allow you to browse, stream and download as much as you like without ever charging you more or altering your download speed.

Top Deals

TalkTalk's SimplyBroadband deal offers one of the UK's lowest prices for a completely unlimited broadband service.


BT's broadband infinity bundle is a great, low cost, entry level package for anyone who wants to boost their broadband speed.



TalkTalk and BT both deliver a fantastic Freeview service through a free YouView box sent out to all of their digital TV subscribers. Customers signing up for a Plus TV or Entertainment package will also be able to record hours of TV directly to an inbuilt hard drive, so you never need to miss your favourite show again.  

Available channels

Both providers offer access to over 70 Freeview channels, with 12 available in crystal clear HD. Customers are also able to add on packs of premium channels you wouldn't usually find on a Freeview box, by streaming them in through your broadband service.

In order for this to work properly YouView recommends you have a minimum broadband speed of 3Mb. However, at that speed it's worth remembering that the streaming service will take priority and trying to do anything else online will result in a very slow connection indeed.

Sports fans will probably be more drawn towards BT's TV option purely due to addition of BT sport. The now five strong list of dedicated sport channels, plus their HD counterparts, are available free to every BT customer and unfortunately completely inaccessible to TalkTalk customers.

On the other hand, TalkTalk's plus TV package includes access to 6 premium Sky channels not available on BT TV. Channels from Sky 1 to Sky Living are available to be streamed along with a great range of exclusive Sky on demand content.

On Demand services

Youview od

Both BT and TalkTalk version of the YouView set top box allow you to catch up and play the last 7 days of content using built in apps for BBC

Netflix subscribers will also be able to sign in to their YouView box to stream the huge range of content available on the service directly to their HD TV. That includes Netflix exclusive series such as House of Cards and Orange is the new black.  Now TV is also available for those who want to catch up on all the biggest Sky shows such as Game of Thrones or True Detective, however this will require a subscription to one of NOW TV's monthly passes. iPlayer, ITV Player, 4 On Demand and Demand 5. Both providers also have their own version of "Box Office", allowing you to rent some of the latest blockbuster movies from £3.50 per film.

Top Deals

Access to over 100 channels, including 5 premium sky entertainment channels, plus unlimited broadband, anytime home phone calls and a free sim card with 200Mb of data available every month, make TalkTalk's top package a deal really worth signing up for. 


Kick start your TV service with BT's TV starter and get access to the full range of BT sport channels completely free! That's on top of a totally unlimited broadband service.



More UK broadband providers are now giving customers a chance to save on their mobile service as well, and BT and TalkTalk are no exception. Both networks offer SIM-only deals, either as an exclusive or at a discounted rate to their broadband subscribers.

SIM-only add on

All-in-SimTalkTalk customers can add any pay monthly SIM-only deal to their contract, but the new All-in SIM is exclusive to its broadband subscribers. Popping this SIM into your phone gives you unlimited UK minutes, unlimited text and unlimited 3G data for just £12 a month. That's at least £5 cheaper than the nearest comparable SIM from other networks and your free to use your mobile as much as you like without ever worrying about adding to your bill.

BT customers benefit from a £5 discount on BT Mobile's set of 4G SIM-Only deals. Each one of these SIM cards allows compatible handsets to access the web at speeds comparable to a standard Wi-Fi connection. That means no more buffering when all you want to do is show your mates a YouTube video or stream a couple of albums during your morning run.

Top Deals

The same great broadband deal with the brand new All-in SIM thrown in. Get unlimited 3G and broadband in one brilliant bundle.


Just add a SIM only deal to any BT broadband bundle to get a monthly £5 discount on a 4G BT mobile service. 


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