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How to move your broadband package to a new home

Moving house? If you're still within your broadband contract period, rather than cancelling your service it's a good idea to move it with you. Most providers allow you to move one or two times a year and take your broadband with you, it just depends on whether the ISP can provide services in your new area.

By on October 23, 2012 at 14:14 PM
How to move your broadband package to a new home

Taking your broadband package to your new house can be a great alternative to setting up a new broadband service and cancelling your old one. It is possible to transfer your existing broadband service to your new address in most cases, so type your full postcode into our provider availability tool to see if your current supplier is available at your new address.


Please note that although your supplier may be available at your new address, this doesn't guarantee that your existing package will be. It's worth giving them a ring to double check.

If you find that your current provider is available in the area, you can go ahead and move your broadband ISP with you as long as the same package is available. However, if you are out of your intial contract period don't miss the opportunity to check what the competition has to offer. Perhaps you will find a cheaper deal, higher speeds or money-saving bundles which are available in your new area but were out of reach in the old one.

What you need to consider when moving broadband with you

Before giving your provider's customer service team a buzz, you need to know what your situation is. To help you, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I have a contract with my ISP?
  • If so, when does it expire?
  • Am I satisfied with my services?
  • Is my current supplier available at my new address?
  • If not, who is?

I am moving my broadband provider with me

If you ran all the checks and decided to stay with your existing service, the good news is that you can avoid any early cancellation fees that would occur had you decided to bin your broadband contact.

Sometimes providers charge a one-off fee to transfer their services from one property to another. Double check if you need to pay anything in the Terms and Conditions document or alternatively call the ISP's customer services department. You can find all the numbers here.

Moving broadband to your new house - how does it work?

Moving your broadband service is easy. When you inform your ISP that you want to take your broadband with you to your new home, your provider will supply you with a MAC code. The code, which is valid for 30 days after it is issued, is rather long and uniquely assigned to your account. Here's an example: BBIP12345678/9AB12.  You will need it as a reference when informing your provider that you are moving to a new house. All it does is carry information about your services - broadband speeds, exchange and line type so that your ISP would know what services to switch on in your new property.

Some providers, such as TalkTalk, have rolled out helpful online services which are designed to help consumers to move their broadband into their new properties.

TalkTalk Home Move

TalkTalk customers who plan to move in to a new property can use a bespoke online service from TalkTalk which will allow them to place an order to move their broadband into the new house online. There is also an option to upgrade your current bundle to a triple play one (broadband, digital TV and home phone) and get £25 credit that you can use towards your next bill. TalkTalk even gives customers the option to track the order to be sure of its progress.

How does TalkTalk Home Move work?

Before you start using the service, make sure you have:

  • The log in details to TalkTalk's "My Account" Section, or alternatively you can register via TalkTalk's homepage
  • Your new property's address & postcode
  • Your moving in and moving out dates

If you have all of the above to hand, you can start using TalkTalk Home Move. Make sure you fill out the online form to let TalkTalk know you are moving at least 14 days before your move. After you enter all of the details into the online service, you will be given a tracking number so that you can follow your order's progress.

  • After you receive the tracking number, TalkTalk will double check your current kit (i.e. your wireless router) to find out whether you need an upgrade
  • You can configure the move in and moving out dates online via the service
  • You can choose to install your TalkTalk broadband yourself for free or have an engineer to come and help you out for a one-off fee
  • That's all there is to it - your broadband service will be waiting for you at your new address!

Our recommended TalkTalk deal:


I am leaving my provider and signing up to a new one

If the current ISP does not cover your new area or you noticed a better broadband deal available at the new address, you will need to cancel your current service. To do that you have to read the Terms and Conditions and see what the remainder of your contract is and what the termination fees are, if any. Alternatively, you can give your ISP's customer services department a call and find this information out from an adviser.

Here's a tip: Sign up to a new deal as soon as you cancel - even if you know you are not moving for another month. Schedule an installation if necessary as soon as you know your move in date in order to minimise down-time. This way you can start enjoying your new services as soon as you settle in.

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