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Broadband traffic management guide

Broadband traffic management is used by some providers to ensure everyone gets the same strong connection to their broadband. In order to achieve this they may have to slightly slow down your broadband during peak times. For more information simply check out our easy to follow guide below.

By on July 22, 2014 at 16:00 PM
Broadband traffic management guide

What is broadband traffic management?

Broadband exchanges have to deal with thousands of people all connecting to them at the same time. If even just a handful of those users are downloading huge files all at once, it can put a huge strain on the network which results in everyones service slowing right down to a crawl. In order to avoid this, some providers will slow the service of certain users at peak times, just to ensure there is enough bandwidth to go around.

Where to find broadband traffic management information on broadband provider websites

Here are quick links to the broadband traffic management policies on suppliers' websites:

Traffic management policies often vary dependning on both the provider your with and the package you chose. For instance, a customer with an unlimited package will be subject to a different policy to a customer with only 40Gb of data.

When is broadband traffic management usually applied?

6pm - 10pm on a weekday, and  to midnight during weekends. However, this varies between broadband providers and not all ISPs use this tactic, TalkTalk has announced that it will no longer be applying traffic management policies to residential broadband connections, for example.

What is the impact of traffic management?

It depends on which broadband package you have, and the supplier you're using. If you have a great home router set up, good average speeds and a superfast broadband package, you might not even notice a discernable difference to your broadband speeds during traffic management periods at peak times. If your service is slow anyway, for instance if you're a long way away from the exchange, you have low bandwidth due to a large volume of customers using the same service in your local area, or your line has a fault, traffic management can cause crippling lags and connection issues.

How can I tell if I am being affected by traffic management right now?

Take a broadband speed test to see how fast your connection currently is. If the speeds are significantly lower than the 'up to' speeds advertised by your ISP for your particular package, and if it is currently a peak browsing period, you may be affected by your ISP's traffic management policy.

To find out which providers are offering a completely unlimited service in your area, free from traffic management policys, give our Switching Support service a call on 0800 542 4704. We'll help you find the perfect broadband package for your home.

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