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Acceptable use policies (AUP) for internet services

Your broadband supplier will have an acceptable use policy (AUP) that governs how you use their internet services. You will be presented with the AUP upon signing up for your supplier's services - it'll be in your contract. The acceptable use policy applies during every instance that you're online via your supplier's network. It's there to protect you as much as it's there to protect your provider. We're here to explain how it works.

By on November 08, 2013 at 13:00 PM
Acceptable use policies (AUP) for internet services

An acceptable use policy is a very important part of your contract with your internet service provider. It protects your ISP from liability if you use your services to do anything considered illegal or immoral, and it ensures that you are aware of the implications of accessing restricted content.

As well as Internet Service Providers, workplaces, schools, universities and large networks also apply acceptable use policies. They are very similar to the 'terms of service' documents you are often required to read before signing up to use an online service like Gmail or Spotify.

AUPs often include a code of conduct, addressing how you are expected to behave when using your internet service.

Links to broadband providers' Acceptable Use Policies 


What does an acceptable use policy cover?

Each provider's AUP will be a little different, but in general you are expected to:

  • Avoid illegal activities
  • Use proper security software
  • Ensure that you don't disturb or disrupt the service for other users
  • Refrain from creating, uploading or downloading anything offensive, or indecent
  • Not use the service for unsolicited advertising

What are the implications if I don't abide by my acceptable use policy?

The ramifications of ignoring your acceptable use policy vary by provider, but in general:

  • A written warning
  • Suspension of your service
  • Investigation of your behaviour

We advise you to get acquainted with your ISP's acceptable use policy and avoid doing anything that violates it.

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