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What is a broadband early termination fee?

Customers leaving their broadband, homephone or digital TV contract early will often be charged an early termination fee to cover the remaining months left on your minimum term with the provider. To find out more, and find out how much you would have to pay, check out our simple guide below or phone our switching support service on 0800 542 4704.

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What is a broadband early termination fee?

What is an early termination fee?

An early termination fee is the charge you may have to pay when cancelling your broadband service during a minimum term contract. Early termination fees protect ISPs from losing money due to the cost of setting up your service and transferring you across from your previous ISP, as well as any equipment they may have provided you with.

If you're thinking of switching proividers, why not give our free Switching Support service a call for some free one on one advice from our broadband experts. Just call 0800 542 4704 and we'll let you know exactly how much it will cost to make the switch and how much you could be saving with a new provider.

When do early termination fees apply?

  • If your initial cooling off period is over, and you're within a minimum term contract
  • If you signed up for the service and accepted equipment, discounts or incentives from your ISP and are still within a minimum term contract

Can I avoid paying early cancellation charges?

We don't advise that you attempt to cancel your broadband service during a minimum term contract, as it's likely you'll end up paying the termination fee. If you don't have much of a choice, for instance if you're moving house and you can't take your new service with you, then we do have some advice on managing termination costs.

  • You can cancel within your cooling off period - usually up to 14 days after signing up for the service
  • If you're thinking of cancelling because you are moving home, call your ISP and try to take your existing broadband service with you. Most ISPs allow up to two free home moves a year

How much are early termination fees?

It depends on your broadband provider. Some ISPs only recoup the cost of installation and equipment, but the general rule is that your early termination fee is equal to your monthly contract amount x the number of months left in your initial contract period

For instance, if you signed up to a 12 month broadband contract costing £30 a month, including line rental, and you're cancelling after six months, you'll need to pay £30 for each of the remaining 6 months that you were due to be receiving services from your supplier, a total of £180, as a one off fee.

What are the early termination fees for UK broadband providers?

Here is a list of all the early termination fees for major UK ISPs, checked every month for accuracy.

3 Mobile

3 mobile early termination fee

Customers wanting to cancel their mobile broadband contract should contact Three customer service and give at least 30 days' notice. The early cancellation fee is the monthly package fee multiplied by the months remaining in your initial term.


BT broadband early termination fee

Customers cancelling their contract whilst within a minimum contract period will normally have to pay an early termination fee. How much this is will depend on the service you're using and how long you have left on your contract. You may also have to pay a charge for any equipment the network has provided at a reduced cost for use with the service you are ending. For a full list of the network's early termination charges, head to BT's website here.

EE (Everything Everywhere)

EE early termination fee

Customers should give 30 days' notice to end any contract with the supplier. If you are cancelling your subscription early then you will be charged the price of your contract multiplied by the months left on your minimum term.

Fuel Broadband (previously Primus Saver)

Fuel Broadband early termination fees

Customers will need to give no less than 30 days written notice of a cancellation. The charge will be the cost of your monthly payments multiplied by the months left on the contracts minimum term.

John Lewis broadband

John Lewis broadband early termination fee

John Lewis will need 10 days' notice to cancel your service completely. If you are cancelling within the first 12 months of your contract then you will need to pay an early termination charge.

The fee will be £3.25 for standard broadband, £6.25 unlimited broadband and £6.50 for fibre broadband and will be multiplied by the months remaining on your contact.


Plusnet early termination fee

Early termination fees will apply to all customers ending a broadband deal before the end of their minimum 12 or 18 month contract. The actual fee will vary depending on when you took out your contract and which product you are using, however you can find a full list on Plusnet's pricing guide.


Sky early termination fee

Sky calculates early termination fees based on the number of days remaining of the minimum term once your subscriptions end and also take into account the period you have already been billed for.

For a full break down of charges you can head to Sky's own website here or speak to the Sky customer service team.


TalkTalk early termination fees

A TalkTalk Customer's early termination fee will depend on the services they signed up for and how long they have left on their contract. You can find a breakdown of the charges on the TalkTalk website here, or contact TalkTalk customer services on 0870 087 8038 to find out the exact charge.

Those wanting to keep hold of their free YouView box will also need to pay a deferred set top box fee of £75.

Astra Connect satellite broadband (Europasat)

Astra Connect early termination fees

Customers leaving the service early will be required to pay for the remaining months left on their minimum term. Any equipment sent out will also need to be returned.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media early termination fees

The early termination fee you will be charged will depend on how many months you have left on your minimum contract period and which service you have. For a full break down of all the charges head to the Virgin Media website here.

XLN telecom

XLN early termination fee

Customers leaving an XLN telecom early will be required to pay their monthly contract price multiplied by the number of months left on their minimum term. They will also be required to pay back any promotional credits or subsidies applied to their account.

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