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Simplifydigital FAQs

If you have a question about the Simplifydigital comparison & switching service, or about moving to a new broadband, phone and TV supplier, take a look at this handy FAQ. If the answer you need isn't here, email us using the contact us form on our website, or call our customer service department for assistance.

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Simplifydigital FAQs

Useful links

Handy info about services, your rights & industry regulations


Contacting us

What's the best way to get in touch?

If you've seen a deal on our website you would like to know more about or want to know what offers are available in your area, give our impartial broadband experts a call on 0808 163 7069

Our advisers are available:

  • Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm
  • Sunday 10am-6pm

If you have any queries or issues with an order you have already placed you can call our customer service team on 0800 1388 388

Our opening hours are

  • Monday-Saturday 9am-5.30pm,

If you are calling from a mobile or your network charges for 08 numbers, let us know and we will call you right back so we can avoid running you up a big bill.

Do you have an email address?

Our email address is or, if you prefer, you can use this webpage to send us a message. Please note that it can take longer to receive an email response to a customer service enquiry, so if you need urgent assistance within opening hours, please call our customer service team on 0800 1388 388.

I haven't received my confirmation email yet, can I get a new one?

Sometimes emails from companies can end up in your junk email folder if you have high security settings, so it might be worth checking there first.

If you called us to switch providers and haven't received a confirmation email from Simplifydigital within a few hours, or you've yet to receive a confirmation email from your supplier and it's been at least a day since you called to switch, head to our  contact us  page and fill in the email enquiry form, or call our customer services team to let us know.


Promotions and payments

When can I expect my vouchers/cash back?

If your new package came with a voucher, or you have taken part in our refer a friend scheme, we aim to post it to you within 30 days of your line being installed and activated. Your supplier will contact us to confirm activation and then your voucher will be sent out. If it has been more than 60 days since your service was installed and you have yet to receive your voucher, please email or call us.  

I ordered a laptop/desktop computer as part of my broadband deal, when will that arrive?

Computers are usually sent out 28 days after your order. This is just to make sure your new service has been activated and you are ready to start using the internet. Once you are connected, your new supplier will inform us and we will let the distributor know you're ready for your laptop.

When will my discount be applied?

If you have made an order which includes a monthly discount on the standard rate, this will be applied automatically for you as soon as your new connection goes live.

Do you offer money back if I see the same deal cheaper elsewhere?

Simplifydigital has a Lowest Price Guarantee for any package available on our website. If within 14 days of you placing your order, you find the same deal at a lower price on a different website, please complete and send back our Lowest Price Guarantee form, together with a screenshot of the deal and price. You can send it to our postal address, for the attention of Simplifydigital Customer Services, or email the completed form and screenshot to We will assess your claim, and if accepted, send you a cheque to cover the cost of any saving you would have made, within 90 days of  the activation of your new service.

A payment of £25 to Simplifydigital has appeared on my bank statement, what's this for?

This will appear if you have switched to Virgin Media through us - it isn't a payment to us, our services are free regardless of which supplier you switch to. It's a deposit that we collect on behalf of Virgin Media, and it will be returned to you as credit on your first monthly bill. If you do decide to cancel your order before your line becomes active please let us know on 0800 1388 388 and we will make sure your deposit is refunded. 

How does Simplifydigital fund its services?

So that we can keep providing our online and telephone-based switching services to you free of charge, we fund them in the following ways:

  • Display adverts - we show banner advertisements from providers on selected areas of the website, such as the sliding offer banner on our homepage. We never show sponsored advertisements in our Price Comparison Tool search results.
  • Commissions - we receive a commission from providers for sales placed either directly through Simplifydigital's telephone switching service, or that are placed on the supplier's website by visitors who originated on the Simplifydigital website.
Funding of our services does not influence the results of our Ofcom-accredited comparison tool, and we are committed to giving you impartial advice on the package that best suits your needs.


Delivery, activation & installation

When will I get my welcome letter?

You will receive your welcome letter via email. Most broadband companies are now completely paperless and confirmation will only be sent by letter if no email address was given when the order was made. If you can't find it in your main inbox it's worth checking your junk mail folder as sometimes the emails can end up there.

In some cases, for instance with Plusnet, a new email address will be made for you so your bills can be delivered there.

When will my router be delivered?

Your new router will usually arrive 3-5 days before your new broadband service is due to go live. Quite often these are small enough to fit through a letter box but if it's larger, and you're not home, Royal Mail will leave a card notifying you of which collection office your router can be picked up from.  

Can I have a wired router, one that works using cables?

All wireless routers will also function as wired routers if you wish. You will find the appropriate sockets in the back of your new router and one network cable will usually be delivered in the box along with it. Any extra or longer network cables will have to be bought separately.  

When will I be activated and/or installed?

When you place your order we give an estimate of when your new connection will go live based on supplier availability. You will receive a welcome letter or email shortly after you place your order, which will state the exact confirmed date.  

One of my services has started working before the others, is this normal?

Don't worry, it's pretty common for the activation of your services to be a little staggered

If you have ordered a TV bundle that uses YouView, for example from BT or TalkTalk, your internet connection will often be up and running a couple of days before you even receive your new digital TV box.

If you have ordered all your services from Sky on the other hand, your TV will usually be ready to go even before the telephone line is activated.

As Virgin Media services all come through a single cable connection you should find these all start working on the same day.  

Can I change my activation/installation date?

An activation date can be changed as long as you call your new supplier well in advance, 7 days is usually enough time. They should be able to contact Openreach, the company responsible for activating new lines, and arrange for a more suitable date.

An installation can be rescheduled 24 hours before the engineer is due to arrive at your property.  When you place your order we will try and arrange for an engineer to visit on a day that is most suitable for you, we do understand however that circumstances can change. If this is the case just give your new supplier a call and let them know which dates would work better for you.

Visit this webpage for a list of supplier contact numbers.

Do I have to be home on the day of installation?

If an engineer is required to install one of your new services then either you, or someone over the age of 18, must be at home to advise them on where you would like your new router or digital TV box to go, along with all its wires and possibly even a new socket in your house.

An engineer was never sent out to me, is this normal?

Quite often, if you have an existing telephone socket in your house all the engineer has to do is connect you at the cabinet, test your line, and let your supplier know. If this is the case you should get an email/SMS from your new supplier a couple of days later confirming your new line is active.

Can my line be activated/installed sooner?

Unfortunately activation dates are already as soon as they can possibly be. Because Openreach deal with thousands of connections every week everything is done on a first come first served basis.

Installation dates however might be more flexible. Much like with any other appointment, if there is cancellation in the area then an engineer might be able to offer that time slot to you instead. Just give your new network a call to find out. Visit this webpage for a list of supplier contact numbers.

Would I get a quicker activation date with another supplier?

The short answer to this is no. All telephone lines are activated and installed through the same company, Openreach, and each area of the UK is covered by the same engineering team across all suppliers. Virgin Media's cable service does work slightly differently, but these engineers can often be just as busy as the Openreach ones, especially around busy times such as Christmas.

I already have a telephone socket, why does an engineer need to visit?

Sometimes if you are moving between a company that uses BT's network and one that uses its own, an engineer may have to visit to install a new socket for you.

You will also need an engineer if you are moving to a fibre optic broadband service. The main socket in your property will need its faceplate changed so it can be used for both the new fibre line and your home phone at the same time.


Your service - speeds, data, traffic management & changing your package

Can I upgrade/downgrade my package?

More often than not your new supplier will be happy to change the deal you are currently on. Just remember that any promotional offers or discounts you were given, such as a six month discount on your bill, will be removed if you move to a new deal so it's usually worth waiting till these finish before you make the swap.

My package carries a monthly data allowance, what is this?

A monthly data allowance is the amount of data (measured in Megabytes (Mb) and Gigabytes (Gb) that you are allowed to consume every month without incurring a penalty.

Some packages include unlimited data, and we encourage you to consider opting for a package with an unlimited allowance if you are online a lot and enjoy doing things like watching BBC iPlayer programmes, using video streaming services like Netflix or LOVEFiLM, and downloading movies through programmes like iTunes.

If you mainly use the internet to do less data heavy things, like online shopping, emailing and checking social networks, then a data allowance of 10Gb or more should be sufficient, however it's important to forecast your usage over the length of your contract before committing to a deal with a data allowance if your circumstances may change half way through, for instance if your son or daughter is coming home from university and requiring internet access.

Most suppliers will warn you with a letter or email if you go over your monthly data allowance once or twice, but if you consistently go over your allowance you may be subject to penalty payments, or even switched to a higher value package with an increased allowance. We encourage you to check the data allowance information in your contract so that you are aware of your supplier's policies.

My supplier is increasing the cost of my contract - can I switch to a different provider?

New Ofcom regulation is coming into play from 23rd January 2014, which will allow consumers and small businesses to exit their contracts during a minimum term contract, if the price increases. This is to protect you and ensure that you are getting the service you signed up for. All you need to do is give your supplier 30 days written notice that you intend to switch. Full information can be read on the Ofcom website.

How do I check my broadband speeds?

Use the free broadband speed checker tool on our homepage to see what your actual broadband speed is right now - just enter your postcode and press 'start' to calculate the speed of your connection. Please note, the broadband speed checker works for your current location, so if you run the check at work, it'll tell you the current speed of your work connection. If it's your home network you're keen to test, please wait until you're at home and connected to your home network before running the test.

Launch a broadband speed test now

Understanding your broadband speed test results is easy once you get the hang of it - speed is measured in Megabytes (Mb) and Gigabytes (Gb), and two different measures are taken - your download speeds, which is the rate at which you can receive information from the internet, and upload speeds, which is the speed at which you can receive information from the internet. Simplifydigital has a free, comprehensive guide to understanding broadband speeds, which you may find useful.

'Up to' and 'actual' broadband speeds: Why is my broadband speed lower than the estimated speed quoted?

'Up to' speeds are the theoretical maximum your connection is capable of achieving, if every condition is perfect. In the real world, 'actual speeds' are often significantly lower. For instance, if you signed up to 30Mb broadband, it wouldn't be surprising if you achieved actual speeds of around 21 or even 19Mb - as long as your service stays within an acceptable level, and your 'actual' speed is comfortable to use, there's no need to worry. Ofcom's handy broadband speed FAQ will help you to understand what sort of speed you should be expecting from your service.

It takes a little while for your new connection to achieve its actual maximum speed. In the first couple of days, up to about a week, your supplier will be testing the line to make sure they are providing the most stable speed available in your home. Just keep using the web as you normally would and you should find everything will eventually work as normal.

Check your broadband speeds at regular intervals using our free broadband speed test tool. If the results show that you are consistently not receiving speeds close to the 'up to' speeds advertised for your package, we suggest using our  slow connection guide to troubleshoot any potential issues that could be impacting the speed of your service and checking with your supplier whether any reported issues or engineering works are affecting you.

If your speed drops to below the minimum you expect, or if your service becomes unusable due to slow speeds and constant lags, give your supplier's customer service team a call, they will let you know what can be done to speed up your network. Visit this webpage for a list of supplier contact numbers.

Traffic management information: My broadband slows down at certain times, why is this?

Some broadband suppliers employ traffic management techniques to manage broadband bandwidth at peak times, when the most users are online and requiring access to the local network.

If you're on a fast fibre broadband package you might not even notice traffic management being applied, but if you're on a slower connection these speed dips can hamper your online experience significantly.

If you are likely to be using your internet service most during peak times, we recommend opting for a supplier that does not apply traffic management policies, for instance TalkTalk or Sky. You can read our traffic management guide to find out which suppliers apply traffic management policies, and which do not.   


Problems with your account

My name has been spelt wrong, can you change it?

Of course, sorry we got it wrong. We will also notify your new supplier that we are making the correction. Very occasionally this might delay the connection for just a little while.

I called my new supplier and they don't have my order, what's going on?

Sometimes when we send off an order to your new supplier an account won't be created for you immediately. Rest assured once everything has been processed your account will be created very soon after.

I have not made an order with Simplifydigital, why have I received an email from you?

It's possible we may have the wrong email address or mobile number. You can either contact us here or give us a ring on 0800 1388 388. We will confirm that the order placed wasn't meant for you and have your information deleted from our system. We will also make sure to update the supplier with the correct contact details for the actual customer.

I'm still being billed by my old provider.

When moving from one supplier to another it is always worth ringing to make sure your old services have all been cancelled especially if you are moving from a standard provider to a fibre optic or cable one. For more information take a look at our switching guide, which should answer any questions you might have about the process.

If you are still having a problem give us a call on 0800 1388 388 and we will see if we can get the issue straightened out for you.

My order reference says "error", what does that mean?

Occasionally if something goes wrong with one of the ordering systems we use then this might appear in place of the reference number. This is to let our technical team know that something isn't quite right so they can get to work fixing it for you. If you haven't heard from your new supplier within 3-5 working days however, call our customer support team on 0800 138 388 and we will get everything straightened out.

I can't log into my new account, can you help me?

Often you will need to register your new account before you are able to log into it properly. How you do this varies depending on the supplier. If you are having any trouble setting up the account just give your provider's customer service number a call, the technical support team will be happy to guide you through the process. Visit this webpage for a list of supplier contact numbers.

Can I cancel my order?

Sometimes circumstances change and we completely understand if it turns out this wasn't the right time to get a new service. However if you are having an issue with pricing, contract or even the service we are delivering please give our customer service team a call on 0800 1388 388 and we will do our best to sort out the issue for you. If you still feel like you need to cancel we can either stop the order from being submitted or, if it has already gone through, provide you the right contact details for the network in question so you can cancel the order right away.


General queries

Can I have two people marked as the account holder?

Unfortunately not, however once you are live you can call your new providers customer service number and have another person as a 'named' user. This will give them the ability to do everything but change the name on the account and cancel the service completely.

Can I pause, rewind and record live TV with my new digital TV box?

Sky and Virgin Media both come with set top boxes with plenty of space to record all your favourite shows and allow you to pause and rewind any live TV channel.

BT and TalkTalk's YouView box's also both have this option but only for the Freeview channels that are provided through your aerial. Any additional live channels, streamed via your broadband connection, cannot be paused or recorded at the moment, however YouView is working on making this option available in the near future.

On demand content on the other hand can be paused at any time, so there is plenty of time to grab some popcorn before the movie starts.

I am in rented accommodation, can I still get broadband services?

As long as your landlord or letting agency is OK with getting the service installed. Remember that if you are ordering a Sky package you should make sure the owner of the property is happy for a satellite dish to be installed on the outside of the property.

If you are taking out a new package with Virgin Media, the network will need to contact the owner of the property to double check everything is ok. We will take your landlord's details during the ordering process and the network will send them a form to fill out, confirming they are happy for everything to go ahead.

How do I find out about individual supplier complaint levels?

Ofcom provides a quarterly report on supplier complaint levels that will help to inform you of general satisfaction levels, when choosing between providers.

There is still a Virgin Media service active at my new property

In some cases if your home's previous owner hasn't yet cancelled their service, or applied for it to be moved, the line will remain active. This can unfortunately delay the installation of a new broadband service. If you are having this problem when ordering a new broadband deal give us a call on 0808 163 7069 and we will contact Virgin Media for you to sort out the issue and get you moved on to a new supplier. 

I am moving home, will it cost me anything to move my services too?

Most providers are happy to give you one free home move a year, they will also attempt to move you onto the same or equivalent deal. However, if you are within a minimum term contract and  moving to an area where your current broadband package is not available, you might find either your charges increase or your broadband speed is altered.

If you are a Virgin Media customer and you are moving to an area where a cable network is not available you will be referred right through to us. One of our broadband experts will compare all the best broadband packages available at your new home, then recommend the one that's best for you based on your budget, and what you need from a broadband connection.

You can check which packages are available in an area by using our deal checker below. Simply put your postcode into the box and our comparison table will show you which networks are offering the best deals in your area.

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