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Provider Customer Service Numbers

A complete list of customer service telephone numbers for the broadband, digital TV and home phone suppliers with deals available through Simplifydigital. We check and update this list regularly and aim to provide freephone customer service numbers for suppliers wherever possible.

By on September 30, 2014 at 12:00 PM
Provider Customer Service Numbers

Here are the customer services telephone numbers for each broadband, digital TV and home phone supplier with deals available through Simplifydigital. We provide freephone alternatives wherever possible, but please be aware that if you are dialling from your mobile, costs may apply. Take 10 seconds to read our four quick tips on calling your provider (below the customer service numbers table) to avoid paying high rates for your call.

Provider Customer Service Numbers

Supplier Customer Service Number Rate type* Free ´customer´ numbers? Other cheap alternatives?
3 0843 373 0500 Business 500 - free from a 3 mobile 0778 233 3500
Astra Connect 01869 356 166 Geographic N/A N/A
BT 0800 111 4567 Freephone 150 - free from a BT landline 0330 123 4567
Direct Save Telecom 0800 027 3930 Option 3 Business N/A N/A
EE 0844 873 8586 Business N/A N/A
Freesat 0345 313 0051 Freephone N/A N/A
Freeview 03456 505050 Freephone N/A N/A
Fuel Broadband 0800 036 0094 Freephone N/A 0207 195 6607
John Lewis 0800 022 3300 Freephone N/A N/A
Plusnet 0800 432 0200 Freephone N/A 0345 140 0200
Sky 0344 241 4141 Business

This number is free from a Sky Freetime or Sky Unlimited landline.

0344 241 1653
TalkTalk 0870 444 1820 Business 0800 049 9999  - free from a TalkTalk Landline 020 3441 5550
Tesco 0844 556 3550 Business N/A N/A
Virgin Media 0845 454 1111 Business 150 - free from a Virgin Media landline 0333 000 3101
Vonage 0800 008 6000 Business N/A 0207 993 9000
XLN Telecom 0844 880 7777 Business N/A N/A

*For the cost of different rates, please see our Rate Types & Charges table below

Avoid Paying High Rates

Calling your provider's customer service number can be expensive. Most have pricey 0844 / 0845 'Business Rate' numbers, or 'Freephone' 0800 numbers that actually cost up to 40p per minute from mobiles. The good news is there also tend to be less publicised numbers that are less expensive. Check out our four tips and refer to the table to find your provider's cheapest customer service number. 

Tip #1:  First check our table to see if there is a free members-only number to call. If they've given you one, you may as well use it.

Tip #2:  Freephone numbers are NOT free from mobiles and can cost up to 40p per minute. If calling from a mobile, check the table for a members-only or a cheaper alternative number.

Tip #3:  Mobile numbers and Geographic numbers (standard national rate numbers) are usually included in free minute packages from mobiles. If calling from a mobile, these are often your best bet. Check the table to see if your provider has one.

Tip #4:  If you have no choice but to call an expensive number, once you get through to the customer service agent, ask if they can call you back. Not every provider does this, but some will.

Rate Types and Charges

Rate  Type Summary of Charges
Business These vary depending on your provider, from 1p to 13.5p per minute for a landline, and from 20p to 41p on a mobile.
Freephone These calls are normally free from landlines, but from a mobile cost up to 40p per minute
Geographic These are charged at your providers' standard rates, typically 1 to 9p per minute from landlines and 5 to 31p on a mobile. These calls would likely be covered by any free minute packages you have.
Mobile From landlines, these cost between 12.5p and 32p, and more from mobiles, but they are typically included in free minute packages so may be the cheapest option if calling from a mobile

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