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How to find the best TV deals available where you live

Isn’t about time you started watching TV you actually want to watch? At the end of a long day, do you really want to sit down to a straight-to-TV movie from the 80s, or to the highlights of last night’s big game that you couldn’t watch live? I’m guessing no. You want the latest films, the award winning TV dramas, live coverage of the important crunch matches. You want the kind of programming that only a TV deal from one of the digital providers can provide.

Digital TV? That costs a fortune!

It can, but depending on what you want, and how you find it, you can get a lot for surprisingly little. TV deals can range from the luxurious, covering all the channels and on demand movies, all the way to deals with no monthly contract, or those combined with broadband and phone deals (and at greatly reduced prices compared to getting them separately).

So how do I find the right TV deal for me?

Well first of all, work out what you want. Even better, forget what you want, work out what you’re actually likely to watch. If you get a full blown package on an 18 month contract and then discover you only really have time to watch one movie a week, you’ll be committed to spending quite a bit and you won’t be getting much out of it. If on the other hand you go for a smaller contract, with less channels, and you find you still want more, upgrading is pretty easy...

Step One:

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First of all, think about the types of channels you want. Are you into movies? The latest US TV series? Perhaps you’re all about watching the big games? Or maybe you just want a little more variety. Thought about it? Right, write that down.

Step Two:

Next up – availability. Most TV deals from the major provides are available to everyone, but there can be some availability issues. So the next step is to pop your postcode into our all singing all dancing Ofcom approved calculator (at the top of this page), make sure ‘Digital TV’ is ticked and then hit search. We’ll pull back the best TV deals available in your area and at the best prices, highlighting the number of channels, price and contract length. Find one that tickles your fancy and click through to the provider site for more information. OK, remember step one? Now make sure the package you select covers the types of channels you want and if you’re feeling bold, you can sign up there and then.

The less scary step three:

Not feeling bold? No worries. Why not give us a call to discuss what you’re after. Our team of independent experts can guide you through your options and answer any technical questions you may have. In fact, we can even help you arrange the installation. No pressure, just advice based on your situation.

We can find the best TV deal for you. We are SimplifyDigital.

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