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Broadband and digital TV deals

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Choosing the right broadband and TV deal gives you great services at the right price, but how to choose between the packages available to you? Simplifydigital can help.

Digital TV providers available at Simplifydigital:

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If there is a specific provider you are interested in, click on their logo to see which packages are available. You can also keep reading to find out more about choosing the right deal, or give us a quick call for advice on the right digital TV deal for your property. 

Types of digital TV and broadband deal to choose from:

Broadband & satellite TV             Broadband & cable TV              Broadband & Streaming TV

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 Different providers offer different types of deal. Depending on your needs - price, features, channel availability, a particular type of package might suit you best. Here are the main differences between the available options:

Broadband & satellite TV deals

SkyDVDEPG SmallSky offers a combined satellite TV and broadband service with access to exclusive Sky channels, Sky Go and Sky On Demand with box sets of the latest shows. Fibre broadband and TV packages are available, and while prices may be a little higher than the cheapest packages, you can take advantage of some very steep discounting if you pick the right special offer.
See Sky TV packages or read more about satellite TV.


Broadband & cable TV deals

VirginTVAnywhereSmallVirgin Media offers superfast fibre broadband and cable TV packages, either bundled with line rental or without (depending on availability). You can take advantage of the TiVo set top box and enjoy video on demand and catch up TV services. There are options to bolt on extra channels and services, like Sky Movies and Sports, for an extra surcharge.
See Virgin Media packages or read more about cable TV.  


Broadband & streaming TV deals

Sky broadband and NOW TV packages
Now-TV-people-smallSky offers a combined broadband and TV streaming service that includes a 12 month NOW TV Entertainment Pass. You'll be able to enjoy catch up TV and watch live Sky TV, including exclusive shows on Sky Atlantic and Sky Living. You won't get traditional digital TV set top box features, like pausing and recording live TV, but if you just want access to top Sky entertainment channels, this might be the best option.
See Sky packages with NOW TV


Virgin Media broadband, digital TV and Netflix packages
Virgin Media digital TV customers can access Netflix via their TiVo set top box and get access to a library of ever-changing TV series box sets and movies. On occasion, Virgin Media will include a Netflix subscription with their broadband and digital TV packages, so it's worth keeping an eye out if you're not already a Netflix subscriber and want to try it out.
See Virgin Media deals with Netflix

What makes a broadband and TV deal good value?

If you're trying to decide between providers and packages, here's our handy tick list to help you compare broadband and TV deals:

green tick for digital TV and broadband deals

Make sure that the deal you choose has the broadband speeds you need. Take a look at your usual internet usage, consider whether you might need fibre speeds; especially if you plan to stream movies and TV shows via your shiny new TV package.

green tick for digital TV and broadband deals

Be sure you're comfortable with the TV element of your combined package. Does it give you access to the right channels? Will you be able to do what you want with the package, for instance streaming TV shows on your smartphone?  

green tick for digital TV and broadband deals

 Take a look at the contract. Are you happy with the length of the minimum term commitment? What about the small print, is there anything you're not sure about, for instance broadband speed restrictions at peak times, or extra charges for going over an allowance?

green tick for digital TV and broadband deals

 Is this broadband and TV deal really the best value and most suitable option? Sometimes there may be options available to you that you're unaware of, so make sure you perform a postcode check so that you're aware of all the deals available for your property. 

Digital TV and broadband deal FAQs

Our specially-trained agents are here to answer your questions about packages, providers and availability. Here are some of the top questions they've been asked about digital TV and broadband packages, remember if you'd like some free, personalised advice we're always happy to receive your call.

Q: "How much should I expect to pay for a combined deal?"

A: It depends on what sort of services you're looking to get, but you should be able to get a combined deal with fibre broadband and digital TV for around £35 a month including line rental. Special offers are available that make some of the most popular packages considerably cheaper, and if you opt for TalkTalk Essentials TV and YouView you can pay a total monthly cost of around £20 for the first 6 months of the contract, rising to around £25 a month after the initial period.  

Q: "I don't want line rental, can I get broadband and TV without it?"

A: Yes, if Virgin Media is available in your area. The provider offers several packages that include superfast fibre broadband and TiVo TV without the need for line rental. To see if you can get Virgin Media TV and Broadband without a telephone line, give our advisors a call.  

Q: "Will slow broadband cause problems with my digital TV service?"

A: It can. If the package you opt for does not give you decent speeds above an acceptable minimum, you may find that the internet-connected elements of your TV package, for instance catch up TV or On Demand streaming, do not work properly. That's why it is important to confirm the expected speeds for your line with the provider you are considering, before committing to a contract.

We hope that this handy little guide has helped you find the right broadband and TV package for your family. Don't forget we're here to help if you'd like some free, personalised advice - our advisors are just a phone call away and can organise everything for you, including installation. 

Call Simplifydigital for advice on the best digital TV deal for you. Our friendly Switching Support experts will search over 11,000 deals to find the right one for you and can organise everything, even installation.

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