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Quad-play bundles with broadband, home phone, digital TV & a mobile SIM

Quad-play deals are the new way to combine all your regular digital services under one monthly bill. Virgin Media is the first UK network to offer quad-play as an option and it’s worth finding out how much a combined bundle could save you.

By on May 09, 2014 at 16:00 PM
Quad-play bundles with broadband, home phone, digital TV & a mobile SIM

Quadruple play deals, commonly known as quad-play, are the newest kind of broadband bundles to hit the UK market. While suppliers have been wrapping up broadband, home phone and digital TV services into a single package for a while, Virgin Media are the first company to add a sim-only mobile phone deals on top.

Customers will now be able to pay for all their digital services with a single monthly bill, saving them money and cutting down on the hassel of multiple payments at the same time.

Who is offering quad-play deals?

In the UK, Virgin Media is the first network to be offering true quad-play deals. The superfast cable broadband company are revamping their 'Collections' into the new and improved 'Big Bundles', giving customers the option to add on a mobile service for as little as £5 extra every month.

Additionally, EE still offers its mobile customers a discount on their home broadband. In this case however, the two bills are still completely separate from one another.

What do Virgin Media's quad-play deals include?

When you take out a quad-play version of Virgin Media's new 'Big Kahuna' bundle, one of the big-bundles replacing the collections at the end of May, you will recieve...

  • An ultrafast, unlimited broadband service capable of download speeds of up to 152Mb
  • A TiVo digital TV service, with over 230 TV channels to watch, pause and record at any time
  • Evening and weekend calls via your home phone
  • A sim-only mobile phone deal, offering unlimited texts and minutes as well as 250MB of data.

Virgin Media customers can upgrade to a quad-play deal right now, however the network is opening up the offer to everyone on 29th May. So if your interested in upgrading to a superfast broadband deal, it might be worth considering waiting until then.

Is a quad-play deal right for me?

Customers signing up for a quad-play deal should be sure they will make complete use of all the services they are about to pick up. The bundle is only available as an 18 month contract, so if you rarely use the web then you may be stuck with a superfast broadband package that's costing you more than it's worth. It should also be noted that the mobile deals are sim-only, so you will already need to have a handset to use the minuets, text and data included in the contract.

On the other hand, for families or busy households who are regularly online, the big bundles could end up being a great deal.

In a press release,Virgin Media said:

Families taking this can save over £300 a year versus the nearest comparable services from Sky and the next best value SIM from any mobile operator.

For more information about Virgin Media's quad-play 'Big Bundles' check back here after 29th May when we can reveal all the latest deals on offer from the superfast broadband network.

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