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Unlimited broadband deals and data allowances: What you need to know

Unlimited broadband allows you to go online as much as you want, with no data allowance to worry about. Read our handy guide for help choosing the right unlimited broadband deal, or call our free switching service on 0800 542 4704 for personalised advice on the right broadband package.

By on September 30, 2014 at 14:00 PM
Unlimited broadband deals and data allowances: What you need to know

Call free on 0800 542 4704 for personalised advice on unlimited broadband deals.

Unlimited broadband providers at Simplifydigital

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  • Unlimited BT broadband is available in most residential areas. With a superfast fibre optic networkand a range of cheap unlimited broadband plans, BT offers fast, affordable internet with no restrictions.
  • Plusnet is an award-winning unlimited broadband provider that combines cheap deals with excellent customer service.
  • Sky broadband plans don't have slowed down internet speeds during peak hours. Customers are free to browse away without being tied to a monthly data allowance. Fans of superfast broadband can get unlimited fibre broadband from Sky.
  • TalkTalk's unlimited broadband packages have no data caps and no traffic management policies in place, so you can enjoy truly unlimited broadband without putting up with slow speeds during peak hours.
  • Virgin Media are the UK's cable broadband provider, with superfast speeds and unlimited data allowances on many of their broadband plans.

Tips on choosing an unlimited broadband deal

Unlimited broadband deals allow you to do more of what you love online without the worry of a low data allowance.

Benefits of an unlimited broadband plan:

  • You can stream, download and browse as much as you like
  • You won't see your speeds suffer dramatically at a certain usage threshold
  • On truly unlimited broadband plans there is no traffic management policy in place to meter out usage during peak hours

Not everyone needs unlimited broadband. If you just want to write emails, read the news and watch a 3 minute YouTube video or two, you may find that you need a basic broadband connection and are unlikely to go over the monthly data limit.

If you go online very regularly, share your connection with several others or like to do data-intensive things, like stream BBC iPlayer shows, download movies or play online games, you probably do need unlimited broadband. You'd be surprised at how much data renting one movie from LOVEFiLM takes.

A word on fair usage policies

A fair usage policy means that if you download excessively your broadband provider will slow your speeds down so you don't clog up the service for your fellow internet users. Suppliers do so because they want to ensure that all of their customers get a fair service, although arguably this kind of restriction renders your broadband plan not 'truly unlimited'.

If you're finding that your speeds drop during peak times, you may be subject to a fair usage policy and not actually enjoying truly unlimited broadband. Make sure to double check if there is a download allowance attributed to your chosen deal, before you commit and sign up to it.

Read our Fair Usage Policy FAQ

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