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Switching broadband providers with Simplifydigital

This handy guide will help you switch to a new broadband, phone & digital TV supplier quickly and easily. For further assistance, why not speak to one of our friendly broadband experts? Just call 0800 542 4704 and we’ll make sure your switch is as seamless as possible.

By on July 03, 2014 at 12:00 PM
Switching broadband providers with Simplifydigital

If you've spotted a better deal with a different provider and would like to switch, this handy guide will help to make things as quick & easy as possible. Don't forget, if you'd like some free, personalised advice, the Simplifydigital Switching Service is here to help. Just call our friendly advisors on 0800 542 4704.

Before you switch broadband, phone & TV providers:

Make sure you are not currently within a minimum term contract. If you try to switch to a different provider mid-way through a minimum term contract, there may be a cancellation fee to pay. It's usually your monthly payment, x the number of months left on your contract. However, thanks to new Ofcom regulations, if your contract has risen in price you may be able to leave without penalty.

Make sure you've chosen the best value deal to switch to. Have you had a look at all your options, and made sure that this deal is the best value broadband, phone & TV package in your area? If you haven't used our postcode checker yet to compare deals, it's a good idea to just double check what's available in your area, or give our broadband experts a call. We'll search through thousands of deals on your behalf, and reccomend the perfect one for your home.

Do you want to keep your phone number, or an email address supplied by your current provider? We've got some advice on this below, it's worth making a note of the steps needed to keep these during a switch.

The easiest way to switch your broadband provider.

Switch over the phone with Simplifydigital

Rather than go it alone and try to cover off the switching steps below by yourself, why not call our friendly experts and have them move you across to your new deal? They'll let you know if you need to do anything, like get a MAC code from your current supplier, or ask to transfer across your telephone line. It could save you a lot of time and hassle.

What happens when you switch with us:

  1. We'll find you great deal, making sure you completely understand every aspect of your new package
  2. We'll send you a confirmation email, outlining your new deal and explaining what happens next
  3. We'll send the order to your new provider on your behalf
  4. Your new supplier will send you an email, confirming your order & installation date
  5. Your new service will be installed and activated

Or switch online/directly with your new supplier

If you'd like to switch to a new broadband, phone and TV provider online, you can click through to the appropriate deal page on the supplier's website from here and fill in the information requested. We've provided some handy tips on how to switch directly with your new supplier below.

Things you might need to do, when switching to a new supplier:

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  • Cancel the direct debit from your previous supplier.
    This protects you from being accidentally charged for your old services by your previous supplier, once the switch has taken place.
    You'll need to cancel your direct debit if... You should do this regardless of the supplier you are moving from and to, it's good to protect yourself in this way.
  • Allow an Openreach engineer to visit & upgrade your broadband service.
    If you are moving from an ADSL broadband service that works via your telephone line to a superfast fibre service, an Openreach engineer may need to come and visit your home to upgrade the existing phone socket. You will be given a time and date for the engineer visit shortly after you place your order.
    Your existing telephone socket will need upgrading if... You're moving from standard (ADSL) broadband to fibre optic broadband.
  • Allow Virgin Media to test whether services can be installed at your address.
    If you are switching to Virgin Media and you don't currently have a socket for Virgin Media's cable service in your home, they will need to run a few checks to make sure they can install one for you. For the most part this can be done over the phone but, in a very small amount of cases, this may involve a "spotter" from Virgin Media visiting your home. If this is the case a Virgin Media customer service representative will contact you within 72 hours of you placing your order to book an appointment with you for the spotter's visit.
  • Arrange for an engineer to install a Sky satellite connection.
    If you are moving to a Sky TV service an engineer will need to come and visit your home to assess whether you need to install a new satellite dish on your home. You will be given a time and date for the visit after you place your order and this will be confirmed over the phone the morning of the installation. On average the visit only last around an hour and, if you have a dish that needs to be replaced, the engineer will take away the old dish for you.
  • Install your Astra Connect satellite dish.
    If you're moving to Astra Connect you will need to have a special satellite dish installed designed to pick up the broadband connection. You can do this yourself but, as the position of the satellite has to be a lot more precise than a standard TV connection, Astra connect recommends you ask your local service provider, who will install your dish for a small charge.

Ask our Switching Support experts

Our free, independent Switching Service is available six days a week. Rather than doing all the hard work yourself, call 0808 163 7069 and have one of our friendly experts help you find, compare, sign up and switch to a deal that's right for you.

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