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Short term broadband deals and providers at Simplifydigital

Getting a short term broadband deal could be easier than you think, as 1 month rolling home broadband contracts are now available as well as 9 month student broadband deals, mobile and satellite broadband deals. Simplifydigital's free advice will help you find the right service for your home.

By on July 10, 2014 at 16:00 PM
Short term broadband deals and providers at Simplifydigital

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Short term broadband providers at Simplifydigital:

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  • Direct Save Telecom offers several 1 month rolling broadband contracts with speeds up to 24Mbps and a variety of usage limits to choose from. The basic deal includes free weekend calls and 20GB of monthly usage. To put that into context, you'd be able to watch around 66 hours of BBC iPlayer shows a month with this package. There is a small £8.95 equipment cost and you would need to pay line rental, but you can cancel at any 28 day point after beginning the service.
  • Astra Connect is a satellite broadband provider that offers 1 month rolling contracts that can be converted into 12 month contracts if you wish. Satellite broadband deals like this can be the best option for those in areas without standard broadband services, as you can cancel if home broadband becomes available in your area, however there are activation, installation and equipment costs to consider. The Astra Connect S package is £9.99/month and there is no line rental to pay. You get up to 4Mb broadband speeds and 3GB monthly usage - there are faster and bigger packages available too.
  • Virgin Media's Student broadband package is perfect for those heading off to uni soon. With a 9 month contract you only pay for the broadband you need and nothing more. You can even add on a great TV service too, making this superfast broadband package the perfect deal for work, rest and play. We  recommend  the standard bundle with unlimited 50Mb broadband, access to 130+ channels and weekend phone calls for just £25.50/month plus line rental.

General points to consider about short term broadband:

 Short term broadband contracts can be great for those who are not sure they will be in the same home for more than 12 months. For instance students who are only in town during term time, or those who live away from home for extended periods of time for work.

  • Upfront installation fees - Very few broadband providers offer one month rolling contracts, due to the expense of setting up your service and the need to recoup this through your monthly payments. However, if you are willing to pay an upfront installation fee there are a few packages available from home and satellite broadband providers alike. Upfront fees for short term broadband can range from approx. £25 to over £100, depending on the equipment needed for your service to work.
  • Line rental fees - Line rental fees will still apply for those on a rolling monthly contract, however there is often not much of a difference in price to the more long term contracts.
  • Equipment fees - When switching to a short term or rolling broadband deal, it is likely that you will be required to pay for all the equipment necessary such as a wireless or wired router. By contrast, if you sign a contract, the supplier will offer you hardware for free.

Of course there are benefits to short term broadband deals, flexibility and freedom not least! However, make sure that this is actually the right solution for you before paying upfront fees that you may be able to avoid with a different type of contract.

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