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Gaming broadband deals & providers

Choosing the right broadband deal for gaming can be tricky, as ISPs don't offer packages tailored for games consoles just yet. Simplifydigital can help you pick a superfast, stable service with unlimited data and low latency to keep you connected and competing.

By on August 28, 2015 at 15:00 PM
Gaming broadband deals & providers

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Simplifydigital recommends these providers for gaming broadband:

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  • TalkTalk offers Fibre Medium packages with speeds up to 38Mb, and Fibre Large packages with speeds up to 76Mb.
  • Sky is one of the UK's most popular fibre broadband providers, with Unlimited Fibre deals offering speeds up to 38Mb and Fibre Pro deals maxing out at 76Mb.
  • Virgin Media has the UK's fastest fibre broadband speeds, with their top package offering speeds up to 152Mb.
  • BT offers Infinity broadband with speeds up to 38Mb, and BT Infinity 2 deals with speeds up to 76Mb.
  • Plusnet - last year, Ofcom reported Plusnet's fibre broadband had the lowest latency and packet loss among its competitors, making it a great choice for gamers who need a stable connection to their consoles. Plusnet fibre offers speeds up to 76Mb with unlimited data.

Student broadband deals

Picking up a controller between lectures and dissertations? Make sure you've got the best possible connection without overpaying by picking up a Student broadband package from one of the UK's biggest suppliers. For instance, Virgin Media is offering its ultrafast connection on a simple 9 month contract, that way you'll only be in contract during term time!


Tips on choosing the right gaming broadband package for you

The ideal broadband connection for gamers is unlimited, superfast and reliable. It would be a lot easier to compare broadband packages for your XBox or PlayStation if ISPs would start advertising deals aimed at gamers, but until there are bespoke deals available, here's what you need to be aware of when picking a deal:

  • Bandwidth. Unless you're a midnight gamer indulging in 3am LoL or COD sessions, you're probably gaming while everyone else in your house is looking to use the broadband connection, and it's probably peak time for browsing in your neighbourhood. Decent bandwidth will enable you to carry on tackling those multiplayer matches while your family browse, stream and sit on Facebook.
  • A decent router. Your main games console is probably not in the same room as your router, unless you're lucky enough to have it hooked up to the main TV. You need a router that gives out a strong enough signal to keep your console connected during large downloads if you don't want to face broken files and long wait times.
  • Great speeds. Almost every ISP in the UK now offers some form of fibre broadband. While speeds up to 38Mb are fine in most use cases, because you're going to be gaming while others are browsing, we'd recommend that you try to push for a 76Mb, 100Mb or even a 120Mb connection, depending on what's available in your area.
  • Low latency and packet loss. Arguably more important than speed, latency is the amount of time it takes for a single packet of data to travel all the way from your console to a destination service and back again. This journey takes milliseconds, however even a small increase in latency can have devastating effects on your game, causing what most people refer to as 'lag'. Packet loss is caused by data not reaching its destination for whatever reason. With such long lines of cable involved this is expected, but if it gets too high it can result in your gameplay world seemingly jumping and freezing as you play.
  • Usage Allowance. A broadband usage allowance is a monthly download limit applied to your service, in order to cap your usage of the network. Cheap broadband deals sometimes carry data limits that are far too small for an online gamer, you need unlimited data in order to enjoy regular play, download game updates and allow the rest of your household to use the connection without interruption. Most ISPs now offer unlimited broadband deals that are incredibly affordable with decent 'up to' speeds that would be easily sufficient for online gaming. If cost is the most important factor, take a look at TalkTalk or Plusnet. If superfast speeds are more important, take a look at BT or Virgin Media.

For more advice on the best broadband deals available in your area, call our experts free on 0800 542 4704. We'll make sure you're set up with a broadband package that will let you get the most out of your games console of choice.

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