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Fibre optic broadband deals and providers

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Fibre optic broadband deals and providers

Getting superfast broadband for your home

Call Simplifydigital on 0800 542 4704 to find out if fibre optic broadband is available for your property.

Fibre optic broadband is faster and more reliable than standard broadband, and it's ideal for larger households with lots of people needing to get online at the same time, using multiple devices.

If you're considering a fibre optic broadband deal, here's what you need to know:

What is the difference between fibre optic and standard broadband?

  1. Fibre optic broadband is faster than standard broadband (top Virgin Media fibre optic broadband packages have speeds up to 300Mbps)
  2. Fibre is more reliable - the fibre glass cables run underground separately to standard copper telephone wires and are more resilient
  3. Fibre is usually more expensive - fibre broadband packages usually cost more than standard broadband packages, but there are lots of affordable packages available now.

Fibre optic broadband is best for...

  • Larger households with lots of devices connecting to a home network simultaneously
  • People who download a lot of files and stream a lot of music or movies
  • Those with a connected TV set who want to enjoy On Demand services like Netflix or NOW TV, while still browsing online
  • People who play games online and need to be able to download large game files or play multiplayer matches

How fast is fibre optic broadband?

Fibre optic broadband is 'superfast', which means that it delivers speeds of at least 24Mb to your home. Basic fibre packages start with speeds up to 30mbps and are the cheapest available option. An up to 30Mb fibre package should offer you average speeds that are suitable for streaming movies or TV shows, gaming online or browsing and emailing on multiple devices. You can also opt for an intermediate package with speeds up to 50Mb or 76mbps, which is more suitable for larger households and if Virgin Media is available in your area you could even opt for 100Mb or 200Mb.

 Not sure which speed you need? The best way to choose a broadband package is to look at your needs and consider which service will offer you the best experience and value for money.

Which providers offer fibre optic broadband packages?

Lots of providers now offer fibre optic broadband services. Simplifydigital recommends: 


  • TalkTalk offers Faster Fibre packages with speeds up to 38Mb, and Faster Fibre (76) packages with speeds up to 76Mb
  • Sky is one of the UK's most popular fibre broadband providers, with Unlimited Fibre deals offering speeds up to 38Mb and Fibre Pro deals maxing out at 76Mb.
  • Virgin Media has the UK's fastest fibre broadband speeds, with their top package offering speeds up to 152Mb.

Advice from our experts:

Did you know that internet-connected TV services, like Sky On Demand and TalkTalk Box Office, use up your home network bandwidth and connect to your broadband? While standard broadband may be suitable for your browsing needs, it might not cut the mustard for your telly watching habits if you're using BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Now TV or similar services.

If you're not sure which fibre optic broadband package or provider is right for you, call our free switching service on 0800 542 4704 and have a friendly expert recommend the right deal for your home.

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