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Find the fastest fibre broadband deals in your area

How to compare fast fibre packages

If you want to find the fastest service in your area, Simplifydigital can help. It's easy to compare superfast broadband deals with our free, Ofcom-approved service:

1. Call us on 0800 542 4704 and have an independent expert find the fastest deals for your property.

2. Use the free, Ofcom-approved Price Comparison Calculator on our broadband deals page and specify that the speed should be above 70Mb to see the fastest deals for your postcode.

Helpful hints on comparing the fastest broadband deals

Finding the fastest service in your area can be tricky when there are so many different providers to choose from and lots of different deals to wade through. It's handy to have an idea of how fibre broadband works and who the major players are; so that you can effectively compare the price, speed and data allowance of a deal in order to find the right package for your home.

A bit about fibre broadband

There are two main types of "superfast" fibre broadband in the UK; FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) and FTTP (fibre to the premises):

  • FTTP is the fastest type of broadband service currently available, because your service runs through fibre optic cables right up to your property and there is none of the interference of older copper wires to worry about. This type of fibre connection does not require a landline to work. The only UK provider currently able to offer it is Virgin Media, who's cable broadband service delivers up to 152Mb speeds on its fastest package.
  • FTTC is the most popular and easily available fibre broadband technology, used by providers including Sky and TalkTalk to deliver superfast speeds up to 76Mb. With FTTC the fibre optic cables run to a street-level cabinet and then connect to your telephone wires to deliver the signal to your property. This type of fibre broadband requires a landline to work.

Something to note: The 'up to' speeds advertised for your fibre broadband package are not the 'actual' speeds you will receive. The actual speed of your connection depends on lots of factors, with FFTC much more susceptible to issues like any interference on your line and a long distance from your premises to the local exchange. To find out what actual speeds you will be receiving, ask your provider what the 'average' speeds are for your postcode when you purchase the deal.

Fibre broadband providers and 'up to' speeds at Simplifydigital

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  • TalkTalk offers Fibre Medium packages with speeds up to 38Mb, and Fibre Large packages with speeds up to 76Mb.
  • Sky is one of the UK's most popular fibre broadband providers, with Unlimited Fibre deals offering speeds up to 38Mb and Fibre Pro deals maxing out at 76Mb.
  • Virgin Media has the UK's fastest fibre broadband speeds, with their top package offering speeds up to 152Mb.
  • BT offers Infinity broadband with speeds up to 38Mb, and BT Infinity 2 deals with speeds up to 76Mb.

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